Top 9 career paths worth pursuing in 2022

by Mar 30, 2022

This is your moment to reimagine your career. Whether you are an aspiring student or a professional envisioning a new path, this is the moment to take in the world of possibilities ahead of you.

As times change, so do the shifts in careers, industries and labour markets.

If you want to reimagine your life and consider what path you want to take moving forward, here are the top ten career paths you should be considering.


Nurse practitioner

The world is seeing a shortage of medical professionals. Nurses and nurse practitioners are in demand more so than ever before. This vital resource for the healthcare community makes the wheels of the industry turn.

While domestic students may have access to HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP, those ineligible may find nursing to be an expensive track. Luckily, this can also all be made possible with the right student loans.

If you are considering a career change or a lucrative field to enter, consider the path to becoming an NP.


Mental health professionals

If you are considering the medical field but want to focus more so on mental health, consider joining the field of mental health services.

Whether you go to school to become a licensed therapist, social worker or psychologist, there is no shortage of patients out there who are seeking your help.


Financial manager

For those who want to fortify futures in another way, financial management is a way to help others build financial foundations. Whether you go into a larger company to offer you expertise or a small business that consults on personal finances, there is a need to understand the minutiae of the financial world.

There is no doubt that this is a field worth watching.


Cybersecurity specialist

Every company, ranging from small businesses to giant conglomerates, needs to protect the data that they collect. With the amount of information that is collected daily by most companies and the potential risks that come with protecting that data, it is essential to have experts who specialise in keeping that safe.

Cybersecurity experts are essential elements of any organisation in today’s world.


Machine learning engineer

Machine learning has also revolutionised the business world and labour markets.

Companies rely on automated software and predictive models, and with so much of the business world relying on machine learning for everything from customer service to marketing, specialisations in this area are becoming increasingly popular.


Software developer

For those who like to build and develop digital infrastructures, a software-developing job is a must-consider career path.

This sought-after position requires a fine-tuned and careful approach to the backend of programs; however, it is vital to the functioning of most companies today.

If you are looking for a job in a lucrative labor market, a role in software development is one you need to check out.


Data scientist

As many companies look to make smart data-driven decisions, data scientists are becoming essential roles.

While many companies have a lot of incoming data, having a scientist who can analyse these data sets and provide solutions is key to long-term success. This can help inform how companies progress forward and ensure that they are making smart choices.


Strategy manager

Organisations that lack strategy often fail because they have no clear path, milestones or plans. Strategy manager roles offer attractive salaries with the opportunity to strategize and formulate plans.

Not only is this vital to identifying areas for improvement and strengths, but it can also help avoid critical areas of weakness. This is why it is emerging as one of the hottest jobs in the market.


Renewable energy experts, installers and technicians

There are often far too few experts in the field of renewable energy to sustain the market. With a shift from finite resource use to more renewable energy sources, there is a need for installers and technicians.

If you want a field that is sure to grow, evolve and expand, you need to get into renewable energy installation and maintenance.



If you are looking for a career path worth pursuing, these ten jobs are bound to put you on the path to success. With notably high salaries and the high need in each of these fields, this investment is one that will be well worth it.


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