Stop living for the weekend

by Apr 4, 2022

Originally published on Anouska & Co

It’s estimated that we will spend roughly a third of our life at work. If we spend the vast majority of that third staring out the window fantasising about close of business Friday, it’s not a recipe for a happy life. 

So how do you stop yourself from just living for the weekend? We’ve put together a list of ways to help you get value out of every day. 


1. Brainstorm improvements

It’s important to figure out why you feel like you have to just ‘get through’ the week. What’s getting you down about your weekdays? What are you looking for in your job that you aren’t getting? 

Make a list of things you feel like you’re not achieving in your working life and make a plan about how to work towards a better outcome. Talk to your supervisors and managers about how you can progress in your career and how you can make your personal and professional goals align. 


2. Change your perspective

You can also shift your perspective about your work to one that makes you happier and more fulfilled. Numerous studies by organisational psychologist Adam Grant found workers were much happier and more productive when they found their work was having a positive impact both on their coworkers and the wider community. Think about how your job is helping other people; or, if it isn’t, think about how you could change so it does. 


3. Live mindfully

Maybe we’re living for the weekend, but it’s not because we feel dissatisfied at work. Plenty of people are doing rewarding work but still struggle to enjoy the everyday. 

Practicing mindfulness helps us to focuson the texture and details of our everyday lives and consider the ways in which they can bring us joy. Whether it’s meditating a couple of times a day or just making a more conscious effort to be present in our own lives, mindfulness can help you gain a sense of purpose. 


4. Fit in more fun

Sounds obvious, but one easy way to enjoy everyday life more is to make everyday life more enjoyable. There are lots of small things you can do throughout your day to make it more rewarding and fun. 

Put together a playlist of your favourite hits to brighten up your daily commute. Carve out time every day to do something you love. Cultivating a hobby can be a valuable way to provide yourself with regular satisfaction. Consider how you can contribute to your community in your spare time. 


5. Wake up earlier

Many people find a shift in routine is a good start. It’s possible to get a lot more value out of your days by getting up earlier in the morning. 

Not only is it helpful from a health perspective, you just have more time in the day for activities and leisure. Being able to fit in a walk, or even a swim or gym session, in the morning before you go to work can give us an extra injection of energy to tackle our day. 

We often overestimate or underestimate how much sleep we need in a night. Train your body to wake up earlier and earlier, adjusting your alarm clock and bed time in increments until you’re used to your new schedule. Figure out what kind of a sleep schedule works for you and prioritise getting the right amount of rest that your body and mind need.  

It’s really important to break the cycle of living for the weekend and try and embrace every aspect of our lives more fully. We all only have a finite time on earth, so it’s up to us to make sure that we’re making the most of it. 


Featured image courtesy of Unsplash