Interested in becoming a thought leader? Although we aren’t currently accepting contributions, we like to regularly feature content from students, UTS staff, and UTS Alumni, as well as employers from all backgrounds. Whether it’s providing industry-relevant advice, discussing career experiences, or sharing inspiring work stories – we’d love to hear from you when we reopen contributions. 

Need some tips? Check out our Blog Post Guide for advice on what to write about, how to structure your submission, and what details you should include. Before writing a post, please review our guidelines here if you’re a UTS student, staff or alumni, or here if you’re an external contributor. 

We’ll be reopening submissions in 2024. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you accept link insertions or changes?

No, we do not accept link insertions or changes to existing links. This includes retroactively editing blogs to include new links, and adding your product or service into a new post. 

2. Do you accept paid posts? 
How much do you pay per post? 

Our blog is free to contribute to. You do not need to pay to submit a post, nor will you get paid for contributing. However, we do not accept explicit advertisements or marketing for your product or service. 

3. What content is not allowed?

  • Content that is not directly career-related will not be published.
  • Contributions that explicitly advertise to students a particular product or service will not be published.
  • Submissions and author bios should not include promotions or links for services that go against UTS’s policies or values (including, but not limited to, essay or assignment writing services).
  • Content from authors that appear to be phishing, such as using stock photos as author photos or incomplete information will not be used.
  • Any sales-related content (including ad copy promoting an event or service) will not be suitable for this platform.
  • All content must be the work of the individual or organisation submitting it. 

4. What content is allowed?

This blog’s main objective is to provide students with quality career advice and expertise. We invite genuine content that informs, assists, or entertains students. Personal stories, professional advice and interesting anecdotes are all great starting points.

5. How long should my submission be? 

Submissions should be between 400-1000 words in length, as a general rule.

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Please note: Upon submitting an article, there is no guarantee that it will be posted to the blog.