It all comes down to week one habits

by Feb 18, 2022

Welcome to Autumn Session 2022!

If you’re a new student, heed this advice from a career-student in their sixth year at UTS.

If you’re a continuing student, I cannot promise these tips are any better than your current study habits, so don’t quote me on it.


Utilise a calendar!

This may seem neurotic and nerdy, but my favourite pre-semester activity is inputting all of my assessment due-dates for the upcoming session. These can be found on your Subject Outline on Canvas. Make sure you note things like weekly quizzes or reflections – these can slip your mind easily on a Sunday night!


Check your textbooks

It took me a few years before I realised most of my prescribed textbooks were available for free online through the UTS Library website. Save your dollars for a Uni Bros kebab instead!


Find a space on campus

UTS’s campus has hundreds of nooks that are perfect for solo or group study. Take an afternoon exploring the various levels in UTS Central (Building 2), including the Reading Room in the Library which is gorgeous in the afternoon.

Make sure you utilise the room booking system on the Library website.


Make a faculty friend

My biggest tip for week one is making a friend in your classes. Someone to study with, to complain about content with, and just generally share similar experiences with is an invaluable asset to your studies. Don’t be shy – remember everyone else probably is too.


Good luck for your Autumn 2022 Session! 


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Susie Newton

Susie Newton

Administration Assistant

Susie Newton is a fifth year Law and International Studies student who works in the operations team at UTS Careers. She has a background in writing and is passionate about reading, good food, her cat Basil, and her ever-growing collection of house plants.