International Women’s Day: the inspiring women of UTS Careers changing the game

by Mar 8, 2021

It’s International Women’s Day (🥳), so today we’re reflecting on all the inspiring women in management we’ve worked with and for, and the future leaders we will become! This year’s International Women’s Day theme is Choose to Challenge, something that is front of mind when considering the stereotypes and biases that still face many women in the workplace.

Here at UTS Careers, we’re lucky enough to have a management team made up of women with a diversity of successes, experiences, and backgrounds to draw from. Whether it be in team meetings, events and workshops, or career services, these women continue to inspire their colleagues and UTS students with their generosity, expertise, and drive.  

Read on for insights and advice from the incredible women managers of UTS Careers.



Julieanne, Lauren, Esita, and Sam, thanks for chatting to us! To start off, could you tell us what has been a particularly rewarding experience for yourselves as women in your industry?

Julieanne – UTS Careers Manager

I’m fortunate in my role to see many young women go on to have rewarding and meaningful careers. It’s a privilege to see female UTS students achieve their career goals. For me personally it would have to be being trusted — trusted by both my managers and our team. Awards and praise are nice, but daily being trusted to do your best work is the ultimate reward.


Who is a woman you greatly admire for her career attributes and why?

Esita – Employability Manager

One of my mentors—she had great work-life balance and was a major contributor to the Careers Services industry. She also had a calm demeanour about her which made her very approachable and supportive.

Lauren – Marketing, Communications & Events Manager

My guru on all things related to being a woman in the modern world is Annabel Crabb. She’s achieved incredible things in her career and shows women that you don’t have to pigeonhole yourself- she’s a Walkley Award-winning political journalist, who also loves 1950s fashion; she writes essays on feminism and is also known for her cookbooks. She also apologetically advocates for women to do less domestic work if it means reclaiming some leisure time for themselves. Drawing on her wisdom, I’m learning to care less about mess around the house if it means gaining more leisure time and refuse to spend more time than a man would getting ready for work if it means carving out space for exercise or something else.

Julieanne – UTS Careers Manager

I admire the incredible women I am fortunate to work with daily at UTS Careers, too many to name individually. The women I work with may not all have leader in their title, but they are leaders; they are intelligent, innovative, empathetic and accountable. Performing consistently by far outshines any one-off achievements.


What makes a supportive and inclusive workplace environment?

Sam – Career Development Manager

My ideal workplace is one where we don’t have expectations of people based on their gender. Men can be caring, women can be assertive, and all shades in between! I think it’s important that we embrace difference and individuality, and aim to build diverse teams at all levels. Working in female-dominated fields has provided me with great opportunities in one sense, but in another sense it has made me very aware of the gender pay gap that exists in our society. I hope for a future where we all have equal access to fair pay, career development opportunities and family leave regardless of our gender.


And finally, what advice would you give your younger self? 

 Julieanne – UTS Careers Manager

What you lack in knowledge and experience makeup for in curiosity and continual improvement. You will never be 100% ready, and if you are doing things right, you’ll always be learning.


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Lily Cameron

Lily Cameron

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