Creating the perfect playlist for your career

by Apr 9, 2021

If you’re like me and you are a lover of all things music, you will know that waking up in the morning to get your day started can involve more than just a cup of coffee. Percolating for you involves podcasts, playlists and pantomime whilst finding the one song that will give you a sense of Carpe Diem.

Even if you’re not the biggest of music fans, a 9am banger or true crime podcast is bound to help get you in the zone and find your sense of flow regardless of the activities in store for your day. Video playlists are another great way to learn new skills or get your mind focused.

Regardless of the way you best work, the team at UTS Careers is here to help you put together a playlist for your upcoming job search as well as share with you some helpful playlists of our very own. Check out some of our recommendations below:


Updating your LinkedIn profile

I would be hiding something special from you if I didn’t mention that ‘This Is Linkin Park’ is the perfect playlist recommendation to generate some extra gusto whilst updating your LinkedIn profile details. That said, you’re going to need plenty of positive energy and be in the zone for self-promotion and adding unique tweaks to make your profile stand out from the crowd.

I would recommend putting on a playlist with plenty of house music, driving RnB beats or heavy rock riffs to keep your mood high and increase the creative flow.

If you need extra inspiration before you log in to update your LinkedIn profile, be sure to check out the UTS Careers LinkedIn Playlist.

Writing and updating your resume and cover letter

Once you’ve been discovered online with the help of your trendy new LinkedIn profile and need to update your resume and cover letter, you’re probably going to need some time to focus. It’s now time to open Microsoft Word and prepare your headphones to combine your favourite alternative, folk and chilled acoustic ballad tracks from the likes of Mumford and Sons, Tom Misch and Jacob Collier.

Before jumping straight into your resume and cover letter updates, it might be best to watch the UTS Carers Cover Letter Playlist followed by the UTS Careers Resume Playlist before uploading it for your potential future employer. You can also upload it on Rate My Resume to get instant feedback and find any areas of improvement.


Search for a job and preparing for the interview

Success! You’re all ready to find that new role with your new and improved resume. Play Celebrate by Kool & the Gang at full volume.

Before getting started, take a look at the UTS Careers – Job Search video playlist and when you are ready, start to apply for any role you think best fits your desired career goals. You’re probably going to want to play some of your personal favourites during this process (we’ll leave this one to you!).

The most important part of the job search process is to submit your application, get the call back and attend the interview. This is the time to break out your best interview outfit and also listen to your gut as to how to best level your nerves or pump yourself up.

At every job interview I am a nervous wreck. As a result, my morning playlist involves a bit of Coldplay, Anderson. Paak and Tame Impala to keep my mood steady. For others, it might be more worthwhile to psych yourself up by revisiting the playlist you put together for your LinkedIn profile update.

In the lead up to your interview, review the UTS Careers Interview playlist, allow for plenty of extra time during your travels and blast some Michael Bublé or Beyoncé (trust us, they are nothing but good vibes).


I hope that this winning combination of great music and video playlists can assist you in locking down that role you have been eyeing off on UTS CareerHub this week. With music being an amazing motivator to assist in completing day-to-day tasks, be sure to save any tracks you find allow you to easily get in the zone.


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Brett Neilson

Brett Neilson

Systems Coordinator

Brett Neilson is the Systems Coordinator within the UTS Careers Team. His experience varies widely across the arts, events and tertiary education spaces with experience in systems, operations, digital marketing, business development and sales. Brett has a passion for helping people develop their skillset and reach key goals.