4 TikTokers you should be following for career advice

by Feb 21, 2022

One of my goals this year was to reduce my screen time. After setting a lock on my phone that allows me half an hour of social networking a day, I was appalled to see just how often I reach for my phone when bored.

The major culprit? TikTok of course.

Listen, I love a good TikTok. Every Sunday, my housemate and I grab a coffee and spend an hour just chatting and showing each other the TikToks we’ve liked that week. It’s an endless scroller’s dream and a really fun way to spend your time – but if you’re like me, you may be spending a little too much time on the platform.

So, I’ve found a hack for us all. At the beginning of the year I followed a bunch of talented content creators whose videos are based around career advice, from salary negotiation to handy interview hacks to leadership tips.

If you’re keen to spend your scrolling time a little more productively, check out our favourite TikTokers with the best career advice going around.


@careerwithboris | Boris K

Want career advice that isn’t boring? Boris’s account is filled with plenty of practical advice, but a whole heap of fun stuff too! His most popular series on TikTok is the ‘HR Speak to English’ videos, which translate the occasionally obfuscating language of HR managers to something you can actually understand.

On top of the advice, Boris also creates entertaining work-related comedic videos. So if you want to let off some steam about work, his page is a great place to laugh the pain away.

You should watch these TikToks for…

Job search hacks (including resumes, cover letters and interviews), advice on dealing with complex workplace dynamics, and any other questions you could have surrounding your job or internship. As an Australian TikToker, many of Boris’s TikToks also address issues that are particular to us working here, like rights and responsibilities under Australian law.

If you only watch one TikTok it should be…


@icathryn | Cathryn Patterson

This one’s for all my techy people. Cathryn Patterson is an ex Vice President in Tech who is passionate about fostering diversity and inclusion in the corporate space.

Many of her TikToks centre around empowering people to grow their career and take up space. As an Asian woman, Cathryn has too many times been the only woman of colour in a corporate workplace, and her videos aim to help BIPOC people change this.

You should watch these TikToks for…

All the latest advice for a career in tech, increasing your confidence at work, handling different workplace cultures, and all the things we love in other TikToks – like job search, resume, and interview tips.

If you only watch one TikTok it should be…


@jobdoctortessa |The Job Doctor – Tessa White

As a self-described ‘straight talking career navigation expert’, the Job Doctor’s TikToks have amassed millions of views for their clear and approachable career tips.

You can trust a lot of what the Job Doctor talks about because of her years of experience, not to mention the digestible content she produces.

You should watch these TikToks for…

Advice on dealing with complex workplace issues, resume and interview tips, and information on pay negotiation and career growth in general.

If you only watch one TikTok it should be…



@careercoachdarci | Darci Smith

If you’re a little unsure about job interviews, you should definitely be following this TikToker! She has made interviews her niche, but certainly doesn’t shy away from other career topics too.

Darci is also a great creator to watch if you want template responses for things like interviews and professional emails. She shows you the best way to communicate what it is you really want to say and avoid tripping over your words or waffling.

You should watch these TikToks for…

All things interviews! I’m talking answers to the trickiest questions you could face, how to best communicate your ideas, how to navigate recruitment processes, and more. Darci also goes into other areas of career advice like employer red flags, resume hacks, and career change tips. If you’ve wondered it, she’s probably covered it!

If you only watch one TikTok it should be…


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