New Year, New Workspace


Guys, today is Clean Off Your Desk Day (yes, it’s an actual thing), so today it’s time to – you guessed it – clean up your workspace!

Studies have shown that having a clearer workspace and maintaining control over your work or study environment, can increase your productivity and focus! So read on for three handy tips on how to get your desk in tip-top shape for that 2018 #NewYearNewMe productivity.


With the amount of technology many day-to-day tasks involves nowadays, there’s no doubt there’s a heap of cords just hanging around your desk. While it’s handy to see what’s plugged in, there’s nothing handy about getting your feet tangled, accidentally unplugging things, or having a jumble of cords hanging about. Check out this video from Nifty for an easy DIY way to make storing your cables and power board a much neater experience.


Okay so sometimes you just end up with a number of piles of things in your workspace – important documents, unimportant documents, brochures, instruction manuals – a whole menagerie of random bits and pieces. Chances are that some of these things have been hanging around for months (if not years), so this is your opportunity to start sorting it out!

Gather every bit of paper on your desk into one large pile, then start dividing it in order of rubbish, unsure, and important. Then chuck out the rubbish, find a spot for the important stuff, and sit down and be brutal with all the ‘unsure’s. Have you looked at it in the last two months? Is it important for warranty or return purposes? Once you’ve done that, put what you’re keeping with the important stuff, chuck the rest out, and marvel at the wonderfully clear desk space you’ve got going on!


One big part of tidying up means finding places for things – be it in storage boxes, cupboards, drawers, or desk organisers. If you don’t already have enough space to store your stationary and day-to-day knick-knacks, then this is your wakeup call – go out, grab what you need, and start organising! Things like packing tubes, old mugs, empty shoe boxes, or old containers all work as cheap and easy desk organisation tools, and a quick lick of paint can make these things look a long nicer and more put together if you want a more cohesive look.

In the name of organisation, check out this other video from Nifty for basically every home organisation DIY tip you could possibly need. Or, 27 of them at least.

Featured image courtesy of Unsplash.


By Mia Casey

By Mia Casey


Mia is a Sydney-based copywriter and content creator, who ran the UTS Careers Blog for five years since its conception in 2016.
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