How to Make the Most of Your Design Internship


Whilst having out-of-this-world animating talent or hilarious graphic wit is great, more often than not a designer has to pull out all the stops to get noticed. Here is a list of the essentials to help you get over the line and land you the design job you’ve always desired.

Communication is key.

You need to communicate to your employer your design process, show them how you can work from a problem to solution, and how long it takes you. Being upfront with your time management, planning, how you’re meeting your deadlines – this is an integral part of being a designer.

Have a can-do attitude.

Be open to change and learning new skills. Show them you’re not a one-show-pony and can go above and beyond what is required. A positive outlook and willingness to grow in your practice shows you’re ready to embrace the workplace culture with open arms.


You’d be surprised how many other disciplines have a creative flair. From marketing and communications, to writers, and academics, designers often collaborate with other teams in the workplace for insanely thought out and well executed work. This level of collaboration is often expected, so be prepared to whip out your teamwork skills and get to work.

Think outside the box.

Do something memorable. This doesn’t just apply to the work you create while you’re in the internship. Perhaps consider a keepsake to gift your employer to leave a lasting impression. A personalised notebook, a custom business card, or a quirky postcard to thank them for their time can help keep you in their mind for when another job comes up in the future.

Know your worth.

Believe in your ideas and contribute your thoughts. Don’t be shy – your ideas, your concepts and your labour will be valued. Being young or new to the industry doesn’t mean that your contributions are without merit. Be open to learning new things, but also make sure that you know your worth!


Featured image courtesy of Pexels.


By Katerina Pijaca

By Katerina Pijaca

Graphic Designer

Katerina Pijaca is a Sydney based designer and creative. She graduated from a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication at the University of Technology Sydney and is currently a graphic designer for UTS Careers. Katerina is a thinker, tinkerer, and maker, her adaptability allows her to fulfill the client/user briefs with creative flair and a youthful outlook.