How to launch a business career with a disability

by Dec 29, 2021

If you have a disability, a career in business might be an excellent option for you! Some people with disabilities face difficulties finding fulfilling, accessible, and lucrative work. Thankfully, the business industry has seen some incredible advancements in the past few years, both in terms of workplace inclusivity and accessibility. And this sector offers numerous opportunities for advancement and high-level earning.

Are you ready to launch your dream career in business? Below, we’ll explore some of the key steps involved and offer some tips to help you overcome any challenges that come up along the way.


Earning your credentials

Pursuing a career in business can mean a number of different things. Business work is highly flexible and adaptable, and there’s a place in the business world for those with all kinds of skills. For example, The Balance Careers suggests that you could get into marketing, human resources, administration, healthcare, management, economics, or sales, just to name a few of your options.

Attending business school is a great way to explore different disciplines and find out where you best fit into this exciting industry. Plus, earning some credentials will make it easier to land the job you want! Schools like UTS offer online learning opportunities which tend to be more accessible for people with disabilities. You can even test out different business programs with our free online taster courses!


Learning more about business

It can be challenging to pick a particular business career path when you’re just entering school. How are you supposed to know what you like or where your skills will have the biggest impact? And what if your disability doesn’t mesh well with your chosen field? Connecting with other people in the business world, especially those with disabilities, is a great way to shed some light on your options. You could even start with the Professional Mentoring Platform.

Think about the different business careers that stick out to you and seek out professionals already working in those fields. Connect over social media or online job platforms and try to schedule informational interviews so you can learn more about their work. For example, you can find data analytics and reporting professionals on freelancing platforms like Upwork!


Finding an entry-level job

The hardest part about pursuing a career in business is landing your first entry-level job with no experience. Of course, every business professional has been in this position before. One way to get around this is to take on an internship while you’re still in university. Having some work experience on your resume will help you get ahead when it comes time to look for a full-time position after graduation.

When exploring internship opportunities, look for companies that focus on diversity and inclusion. These companies are more likely to accommodate your disability by offering flexible work options, modified equipment, accessible training materials, and role restructuring.


Further improving your skills

Continuous career growth is important for getting the most out of your job. If you’re always improving your skills and reaching new levels in your business career, you’ll feel more fulfilled in work and life. Pursuing further formal learning is one way to grow your career. Besides going back to school, you can learn a lot through YouTube videos, online courses, and informational blogs.

As you grow your skillset, try to take on more responsibilities at work. This might mean asking for promotions or asking your manager to delegate more challenging work to you. Just be careful not to put too much on your plate. You don’t want to drive yourself towards burnout! Aim for a balance.

The business industry is full of rewarding careers for people with disabilities. Business-related jobs tend to be flexible and accommodating, and they offer great money-making potential! If you want to break into the business industry, start planning your path today!


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Virginia Cooper

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