6 Reasons to join the UTS Peer Network

by Apr 24, 2023

Joining the Peer Network was a game-changer in my university life. For the past two years, I felt like I’ve been robbed by the pandemic of the fun and exciting university experience you see in movies. Going to society events, running to and from tutorials and lectures, and deciding with your friends where to eat during break have all been flipped into starring at blank rectangular boxes of people’s names you’ve never heard of and the dreaded awkward breakout rooms where everyone is on mute.

Luckily, for my final undergraduate year, we slowly returned to campus. I took the initiative to make the most of my remaining time at university. So, I decided to join the Peer Network out of all the fantastic student opportunities UTS offers— and this has been the best decision I’ve made at university.

Here are six reasons why you should consider becoming part of the orange family at UTS:

1. You create friends.

You may have been told that joining societies and volunteering at university is the best way to meet new people and make friends. Well, I can attest to this as I have met most of my closest friends from my time as a Peer Networker!

Heading to campus has never been more exciting as you never know who you will pass by from all the friends you’ve made across different faculties through the Peer Network! Volunteering for similar reasons automatically establishes a common ground that will make building friendships easier!

2. Leave an impact on fellow students by giving back to the UTS community.

As a Peer Networker, you lead campus tours, answer questions, and share your experiences and tips to commencing students. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing the students you help feel welcomed and comfortable as they slowly transition to university.

During my second orientation, I met a new Peer Networker who came up to me and told me I led his campus tour when he was a first-year student. It is just amazing to see how you can impact one’s life. You never know the mark you will leave on others by becoming the person who will support them!

3. Develop and enhance your skills.

Leadership skills, working in teams, oral communication skills, and interpersonal skills are among the skills you will likely develop, especially during training days. Becoming a Peer Networker is a fantastic opportunity to enhance these skills to make you more employable once you graduate.

Through my Peer Network experience, I grew from being timid to becoming more confident in striking conversations. You also learn more about your capabilities and can sometimes be surprised by your potential!

4. Hit two birds with one stone — complete your UTS Soul badge.

Once you complete two orientation sessions, you will most likely have more than enough hours to complete your UTS Soul Badge! Your volunteering time as a Peer Networker is counted as UTS Soul hours —this is one thing most Peer Networkers tend to miss out on!

5. Open doors to paid opportunities on campus.

Aside from receiving certificates and recommendations, this also opens doors to paid opportunities at UTS, allowing you to become more employable once you graduate! It will be great to add to your resume!

Working at uni is the best thing. I enjoyed working whilst studying as it enhanced my time management skills and allowed me to have a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes of UTS. Since you are a student, your managers also provide flexibility with your working hours.

6. Get freebies and attend fun Peer Network events!

Last but not least, you’ll get a chance to receive cool merchandise (including our famous bright orange t-shirt!) and food vouchers! Also, fun events such as the Oldies Newies and Thank You events sweeten the overall experience of becoming a Peer Networker!


If you are interested in repping our famous orange shirt and becoming part of our orange family, join us by clicking here.

Abbygayle Santos

Abbygayle Santos

UTS Alumni

Abbygayle Santos recently completed her degree in Advanced Science (Major in Pre-Medicine). Aside from her love for science, she has been working with UTS Careers during her studies as she is dedicated to leaving a positive impact on commencing students’ lives.