4 Simple Ways to Advance Your Career

by Sep 30, 2020

Whether you are looking for an entirely new career or you simply want to move up the ladder in your current company, career advancement can be a challenge. Particularly during the pandemic, finding the motivation to job search or put in extra time at work can be nearly impossible. If you are looking to improve your work life, here are four simple things that you can do today to get you well on your way to success.

Never stop learning

Though it may be comfortable and easy to do what you do well and never stray far from it, it’s important to constantly learn new skills in the workplace. Watch esteemed leaders and colleagues and try to mirror some of their most admirable attributes. The most effective employees are always up for learning new things, and do so without being prodded or asked. If you are able to bring a new skill-set to the table, you will be viewed as indispensable and a self-starter—both of which are traits that may lead to that promotion that you have been eyeing. Become an expert on something that no one else in the company excels at; if you’re in the loan business, become an expert on home mortgage rates, or if you are in marketing, become the SEO expert and the go-to for all things keyword related. 

Hone your conflict management skills

Managing conflict effectively is a skill that could take some time to develop, so it is a wise idea to start early. A person who keeps a cool head during conflict is valuable to a company because they’re viewed as unflappable and focused. If you are the type of person who panics and stresses when an issue arises, try your best to think of some calming techniques that can help you stay level-headed. Try a quick lap around the office to clear your head or listen to one of your favourite happy songs to quickly help snap you back into the correct mindset. 

Keep yourself healthy

This may not seem like a skill, but it is an essential part of juggling work and downtime. Do what you can to treat your body right so you don’t have to take numerous sick days and allow your work to suffer. Exercise when you can, even if all you can handle is a daily walk. Keep your mental health up by getting fresh air and sunlight often, particularly if you work from home and do not leave the house as much as you used to. Eat well and get a good night’s sleep (at least on work nights) so you are able to perform to your highest ability every day. 

Get organised (and stay that way)

Organisation is key to success. Consider how much more you could accomplish in a day if you didn’t waste time sorting through a messy desk trying to find that one piece of paper that is stuck in the middle of a pile somewhere. Organising your digital data is just as important as organising your desk and work materials. Delete old and irrelevant emails so your inbox doesn’t become overwhelming. Clean out your folders and delete duplicate files or applications that you no longer use. Develop an organisation system that you can take with you wherever you go. It will absolutely pay off in the long run.


Career advancement is something that many people strive for, and some, sadly, do not achieve. Start putting some of these helpful tips into action today and you will be viewed as a reliable, worthy employee who is an asset to any company.

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Mikkie Mills

Mikkie Mills

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