10 things to master in your 20s

by Jun 23, 2021

We are all aware that the quarter-life struggle is real. In your 20s you’re supposed to grow into yourself, get your career on track, lay down a serious relationship, save for a house, start putting money away and saving for the future… it’s a lot!

Studies show that most of your earning growth happens within the first decade of your career and plays a huge role in who you’ll eventually become. Your twenty-something years are crucial for your success in three ways: personally, professionally, and financially.

So, if you’re wondering what you can do to make your 20s count, here are some handy tips:


Aim your career trajectory

Though it’s always possible to change careers down the line, your 20s may provide an extra bit of freedom that’s hard to come by later on given the obligation of moving out, taking on a mortgage or starting a family.


Start a savings plan

Like most bad habits, careless spending usually starts at a young age, so there’s no better time to start honing those financial skills. This will help you develop better spending habits and achieve your future financial goals.    


Make and lose friends

It’s very likely that your friendship group will shrink as you get older. Even though this can be painful, it’s also natural and common. Our 20s can be when we who our closest and most loyal friends are.


The ins and outs of superannuation

According to the ACMA, people in their 20s change jobs every 18 months on average. That means we could go through at least seven jobs during our first decade of adulthood. Keep track of all your super accounts from these different roles, or try to stick with a single provider to avoid multiple fees. 


Learn to fail

You won’t always get what you want and you’re likely to make plenty of mistakes along the way. There’s nothing wrong with that – this is the natural process of growing and learning.


Develop an exercise routine

This is the perfect time to set ourselves up for optimal fitness by channelling extra energy into a consistent workout routine. Not only will we improve our short-term fitness, but we’ll also be developing good habits to follow in our later years.


Prepare to vote

You’ll be getting a few reminders about giving up your Saturday morning to cast a vote – otherwise you may be fined. First, make sure you are enrolled to vote and that your address and contact details are up to date with your local council. It’s also a good idea to start researching which candidates or parties align with your views so you can put your vote towards the best possible option.


Keep your social media accounts under control

Australians in their 20s have an average of 400 Facebook friends, and that’s not even counting the ones we have on other platforms. That list of virtual friends can grow bigger, and more professional, over the years, so make sure to also put energy into your real-world relationships and keep your social media accounts embarrassment-free.


Own your outcomes

One of the biggest lessons to learn in our 20s is self-accountability. Remember that you alone are responsible for your success now. It’s OK to ask for help, but when things don’t go as planned, we can no longer blame other people.


Consider any insurance you might need

Whether it’s for your car, your income, your pet, or even your life, it’s a good time to consider whether you would be able to pay for any major setbacks you faced. 


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Akanksha Ahuja

Akanksha Ahuja

Akanksha Ahuja is a digital marketing professional for brands across Sydney. She has an interest in content writing, with a special inclination for topics related to finance, lifestyle and wellbeing.