Why Kim K Could Be Your Next Career Icon


Despite her divisive popularity, there’s no doubt that Kim Kardashian is a successful woman. So we’ve compiled a list of the top 4 career tips you can learn from her continued rise to fame. And hey, she might even become your new career icon!


Knowing how to sell yourself online and on paper are career-musts in this day and age. Keeping up to date on both professional and personal social media accounts and highlighting your strengths are important factors in the hiring process. As Kim K said, social media has ‘allowed my career to sustain, and I’ve adapted to the change of it all’. You have to manage what you’re putting out into the world. Know that potential employers will likely be checking out your LinkedIn, Facebook and even Twitter accounts before taking the next step in hiring you (or buying into your brand, in Kim K’s case).


Set-backs or mistakes don’t necessarily herald the end of your career, and can sometimes even lead to new opportunities. We all know what originally kick-started Kim K’s fame, but she used the hype surrounding that incident to help launch Keeping up with the Kardashians. Rather than trying to hide, she saw an opportunity and ran with it – utilising some business-savvy problem solving to make the best of what could have been a bad situation.

Being responsible for your actions and staying proactive in the face of adversity are great abilities to bring to the workplace. Trying to cover up an issue or blame others for your mistakes can make you appear untrustworthy and make the issue worse. So if something doesn’t go to plan, own up to it and show your colleagues how you overcome adversity.


If there’s one thing Kim knows how to do, it’s make influential friends. Through working for Paris Hilton, she was given the opportunity to form connections with more influential people in the industry. And she took advantage of it! These relationships helped to establish her within the industry, and show how networking can advance your career.

Information interviews (or simply going out to lunch with others working in your field) is a great way to get advice, learn of new job openings, and receive some insider tips. And hey, making new friends is never a bad thing!

Hard work

Despite her many perceived failings; it’s hard to argue that Kim K isn’t a hard worker. She’s built a multi-billion dollar brand for herself, and is constantly expanding her cross-industry reach. Yet she always has people belittling her work: ‘I pride myself with my work ethic, and I work really hard. I think when people hear that I might have gotten success of a ‘reality show,’ they take that as a negative.’


Regardless of what your dream career may be, take a leaf out of Kim K’s book and don’t let the haters stop you from achieving your goals. Working hard and taking advantage of opportunities are key elements to career success. Further, showing a potential employer that you’re prepared to put in the hard work is always a plus.


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By Mia Casey

By Mia Casey


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