When You DON’T Know a Guy Who Knows a Guy


When it comes to securing work, it’s often not what you know, but who you know. We hear it all the time. But what happens when you don’t have any industry connections? It’s hard enough to get your foot in the door of a competitive industry – ESPECIALLY if no one is there to hold it open for you.

Sound familiar? I hear you. Being an aspiring communications professional growing up in a science and education-dominated family didn’t exactly give me a head start (to say the least). So, to save you some hassle, I’ve thrown together a few of the tips I’ve learnt that’ve helped me kick-start my communications career!

Be proactive

Don’t just sit around hoping an opportunity will come to you. Take matters into your own hands! Find an internship and gain some industry experience. UTS CareerHub hosts around 500 -800 different jobs and internships at any given time. Spend 20 minutes each week sifting through the positions and apply for any that take your interest – chances are, you’ll be building your employability in no time!

You should also reach out to the companies and organisations that you’d like to work for. Inquire about potential internship opportunities. Follow your faculty and UTS:Careers on social media and attend any events relevant to your future career. You never know when this type of outreach could pay off.


Chances are that you’re going to have to embark on some sort of internship – paid or unpaid. Internships involve some serious commitment, but can be incredibly rewarding and worthwhile. You’ll get the opportunity to learn, develop skills and network with professionals. Keep in mind that industry experience is what will help you truly stand out in the job application process. The more experience you gain, the more likely it is that you’ll be considered for the jobs you actually want.

You might find yourself making sacrifices or having to juggle study, work and multiple internships. But it’s completely worth it – you just never know who you’ll meet along the way and what opportunities will pop up!

Stay positive

Don’t be disheartened by your current lack of industry connections. And whatever you do, don’t resent any friends and colleagues for their pre-existing industry connections. They may have had help getting their foot through the door, but they’ve still had to work mighty hard to prove themselves.


Keep in mind that hard work WILL pay off. Your effort and commitment overtime won’t go unnoticed. You have the opportunity to create your own completely unique network, so get to it!

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By Jocelyn Airth

By Jocelyn Airth

Social Media Intern

Jocelyn Airth is the Social Media Intern at UTS Careers. She is passionate about all things digital, and wants to pursue a career in sports media.