What’s your plan for summer?

by Sep 27, 2019

As the weather warms up you may be starting to think about your plan for the summer break. With all of that extra time on your hands it can be a great time to try something new and expand your skillset and knowledge. Working part-time in hospitality or retail is always a great option but what else could you be doing? Keep reading to find out!


With all that extra time, volunteering for a cause that is close to your heart has many advantages. First and foremost, you are working to create a positive impact and give back to the community. Volunteering is also a fantastic way to build your professional skills and increase your career prospects. Did you know, according to a Seek employer survey, 95% of employers agreed that volunteering can be a credible way of gaining real world experience to add to your resume? You can search for volunteer opportunities via CareerHub, Seek Volunteer, Go Volunteer and Ethical Jobs.

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Online courses

Perhaps you are wanting to learn a completely new skill. Software development? Graphic design? Project management? Online courses can provide you with the flexibility to learn at your own pace and in your own time. It’s also a great piece of information to include in your resume if you are applying for roles that require a specific skill. As a UTS student you have free access to LinkedIn Learning (previously known as Lynda) which has a huge collection of eLearning videos covering just about every imaginable career related topic.

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Overseas internship

I know this might sound a little wild (please refer to idea 1 and 2 for less wild ideas) but hear me out. An overseas internship will not only provide you with professional experience and the opportunity to build your skills, but you will also build intercultural skills; this is a highly desirable skill in a globalised society. Another great thing about working overseas is that you have the opportunity to explore a new country! So you will have no problem finding things to do on the weekends and after work. If you are interested in exploring overseas opportunities check out GoinGlobal; it’s a fantastic resource to search for jobs and understand the recruitment process in that country.

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Hopefully that gives you some other ideas to consider as you start to think about your three month break. Start planning early because before you know it summer is over and you’re back into study mode!

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By Courtney Sue

By Courtney Sue

Recruitment Advisor

Courtney Sue works as a Recruitment Advisor for UTS Careers. She enjoys working with students to support them in their career journey and help them to improve their employability skills. Courtney has previous experience working in HR and Recruitment.