UTS Accomplish Award: Your all-in-one guide to becoming your most employable self

by Mar 5, 2021

If you are hoping to boost your employability skills this year, then the UTS Accomplish Award is your answer! The UTS Accomplish Award is a program designed to help you develop and enhance your skills and understanding of the recruitment process. Through participation in a series of interactive webinars and workshops and experiential activities, you will gain the industry-relevant knowledge and confidence to stand out and market yourself to recruiters.


My experience with Accomplish

Last year, I decided to sign up for the Accomplish Award and it turned out to be such an enlightening learning curve. After each module, I had gained a renewed and improved understanding of how I would become my most employable self. As I began using the skills and techniques I had learnt from Accomplish, my anxiety around the recruitment process diminished and I started to receive more positive responses and feedback from hiring managers. Participating in the Accomplish Award will open your eyes to how the recruitment process should be approached, and equip you with skills, resources, and knowledge needed to allow you to be your most employable, and professional self.

So, what can you expect when you undertake the Accomplish Award?


What topics will the Accomplish Award cover?

The program is structured into core modules which cover:

  • job search, networking and mentoring
  • interview skills
  • online applications, resumes and cover letters.

You will learn about techniques and skills through interactive discussion where you will have the opportunity to ask your own questions, and hear the insights of other students and presenters. You will also be guided through comprehensive workbooks and resources available to you on CareerHub so you can consolidate your learning. You will then be guided to complete activities which embeds the knowledge and skills that you have learnt in each module.

These core modules will be complemented by electives of your choosing, which will give you the opportunity to choose webinars and activities that focus on your personal areas of development. 


Am I eligible to apply for the program?

You are eligible if you are a current undergraduate student or postgraduate student.


Will I be able to manage the workload from the program if I have a lot of work and study commitments?

The webinars and workshops will be structured to run multiple times during the week so you will be able to register for sessions that will not clash with other commitments.


Will I receive any acknowledgement for completing the program?

Yes! You will receive a digital badge and recognition on your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) if you complete the program.


If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact our Accomplish team on careers@uts.edu.au and keep an eye out for emails and further information that will be rolling out very soon.

So what are you waiting for?! Apply today at uts.ac/accomplish

Raagavi Jeyaseelan

Raagavi Jeyaseelan

Careers Intern