To Commemorate the End of Women’s History Month: Tips for Women to Advance at Work

by Mar 28, 2019

Globally, women account for less than a quarter of senior roles in the workforce. With this known fact, workplace advancement may seem daunting. However, there are several ways to work up to management and leadership positions within an organisation.

After speaking with our friends at Eventbrite, they wanted to share some tips on how women can advance in the workplace.

Stand out

If you feel like you’ve mastered the current job duties within your assigned role, take the initiative and ask to take on additional tasks and responsibilities. Asking to do so will allow you to show off your strong work ethic while gaining exposure to different disciplines within the organisation, which ultimately leads to growth opportunities.

Another way to stick out from the rest of your colleagues would be to participate in a mentor program at your company. If one doesn’t currently exist, ask if you can lead the charge in implementing one if you see that there is a need. Mentorships are unique opportunities to gain leadership skills and puts your knowledge to the test. It also proves to upper management that you know your stuff.

Re-evaluate your work

It can be easy to go in and out of auto-pilot mode while working. Once auto-pilot is switched on you begin to operate without regard to your personal and professional goals. Whenever you feel that you are zoning out and completing tasks mindlessly remind yourself to snap out of it.

Take more time to review any significant projects before turning them in and discover new ways to make your work stand out. If you are unsure of where you fit within the company and see no upward movement in your career, schedule a time to meet with a manager to discuss where you are excelling or need improvement.

A meeting with your manager is also the perfect opportunity to ask for a raise if you feel that it is time to re-evaluate your salary. Raises tend to be based on your tenure and work ethic. If you think an increase in your pay is past due, place your fear to the side and stand up for yourself.

Lastly, if you feel you aren’t being challenged in your current role, apply for an internal position. You have a better chance of gaining that position than that of someone uninvolved in the company. You may even receive that pay increase you were looking for.

Start an organisation

Mentorship programs are just one of the many programs you can start within your organisation. If you realise that there is a need to enhance the culture or create a culture where you work, take the initiative and design your pitch! Finding initiatives or not-for-profit organisations to support that align with your company goals and mission will benefit the company significantly. Companies that support not-for-profit organisations can use this great deed as a marketing tool for recruitment and sponsorship opportunities.


Industry events, as well as a happy hour with your peers, are perfect opportunities to begin building a network and establishing meaningful relationships. Social networking events are great ways to bond with colleagues outside of the office and connect with them on a personal level.  However, networking in the office and at industry events are perfect ways to express your professional goals and gain more insight into a company’s vision.

If you soon realise that there isn’t much networking happening outside of the office, plan an event for the company. Invite colleagues to your favourite gathering place, set an rsvp deadline, monitor RSVPs and then make your final arrangements.

Remember, your career growth is in your hands. Managers and leaders within your organisation will not care about your career growth more than you do. Stay ambitious, and you will begin to see your professional career grow and flourish.


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By Mia Casey

By Mia Casey


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