Surviving Your Job Search


When you’re in hard-core job search mode, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. After sending off countless applications, hearing nothing back or being turned down, and repeating the process again and again, it’s easy to fall into a bit of a funk.

If you’re currently in the job search black hole, here are a few quick tips to get you feeling your amazing, motivated self again.

Keep the work-life balance going

Searching for a job can feel like a full time job in and of itself, so it’s important to keep that work-life balance going strong. Even when you feel like you need to be spending every second scouring jobs boards for fear that your dream gig will pass you by, it’s important to keep your social life, passion projects, and hobbies going strong. Ensuring you continue to actively take part in things that make you happy, can help you feel balanced and keep things in perspective.

Get your keywords down

To help save time (and avoid stress), sit yourself down and make a list of potential search terms you can use to describe your ideal role. Think about what job titles could describe the role you’re looking for – some phrases, like ‘officer’ and ‘assistant’, can sometimes be used interchangeably, so simply searching for (for example) ‘admin assistant’ could be cutting your results in half. Once you have a strong list of keywords, you’ll be able to save yourself time and hassle later on.

Keep your mind open to different opportunities

Sometimes we can get so focused on the one job that we want to do, that we completely turn a blind eye to the roles that could help us get there. When you’re trying to enter an industry while you’re still studying (or immediately after graduation) it can be difficult to land that dream job straight away. If you’re deep into the job search and you keep getting rejected for these roles that you’re keen for because you lack the experience, then it can be a good idea to open your opportunities up to include lateral roles that can help you build your skills. This may mean starting in one role at an organisation for a little while, then moving within that organisation to your dream role once you’ve gained some experience and formed a relationship with the company.

Utilize your network

Make sure to keep in touch with your network throughout the job search process. Not only can they help you source potential roles (taking the pressure off of you a bit), but they can also be a great support system when things get a little rough. Having friends in your industry that you can contact and have a bit of a moan to when things are getting rough can be super cathartic, and help you form closer bonds.

Keep the passion alive

Regardless of how difficult things get, don’t forget to keep creating, striving, and revelling in whatever you’re passionate about – especially if it can help you sharpen your skills and create new work for your portfolio! Taking part in your passion has a way of keeping you motivated – plus, you never know where your next opportunity could come from!


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By Mia Casey

By Mia Casey


Mia is a Sydney-based copywriter and content creator, who ran the UTS Careers Blog for five years since its conception in 2016.
Her freelance work focuses on branding development and helping companies create a cohesive identity narrative tailored for each of their platforms.
She enjoys piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.