Social distancing and job seeking?

by Mar 20, 2020

Social distancing isn’t something we’d typically recommend when looking for opportunities, but it’s March 2020. If you are self-isolating, or perhaps spending an increased amount of time at home, here are 10 things you can do online to help your career:


  • Take the opportunity to learn more about yourself – what motivates you? What are your preferences and values? You’ll find lots of Career Assessments on CareerHub. The more you know yourself the easier it is to find organisations that have the same values as you.


  • Copy and paste job adverts and/or position descriptions into WordClouds. Once you’ve identified the key skills, reference the skills you have in your application.


  • If you notice you’re lacking some skills employers are looking for, LinkedIn Learning has a range of short courses you can complete. Once you’ve completed a course, add it to your LinkedIn profile.


  • Mentors can help you navigate recruitment processes and prepare for starting a new job. The Professional Mentoring Platform gives you access to hundreds of mentors ready to help you.


  • Rate My Resume reviews your resume and provides you with feedback instantly, 24/7. Also, run your resume through Grammarly – it only takes a couple of minutes and can pick up spelling and grammatical errors.


  • The Muse created a helpful Google Sheet for job seekers to download and keep track of applications.


  • A great place to gain a taste of what it’s like to work in different companies/industries is InsideSherpa. You can complete short-term virtual internships at a time that suits you.


  • Get to know UTS CareerHub. You can follow your favourite companies and get alerts when they advertise jobs. There is also a range of resources including these handy playlists which are essential viewing when applying for jobs.


  • Trying to think of some questions to ask at an interview? This tool will help you identify interview questions that align with what is important to you.


  • My last piece of advice is to be organised. Create a Google or Dropbox folder; save job adverts, a master copy of your resume and any resources/documents you use so you are always in a position to put your best foot forward.



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By Julieanne Cutrupi

By Julieanne Cutrupi

UTS Careers Manager