Making New Year’s resolutions is easy, but keeping them … not so much


Check out some of the different ways UTS has got your back and how you can help turn your 2018 into Twenty Great-teen!

Resolution 1: Be more mindful

The easy answer is to take some time away from your laptop, pull up a lawn chair and enjoy some sunshine on Alumni Green. If you need more professional help though, you can speak with a consellor in the Health Services or book an appointment at the UTS Psychology Clinic – a non-for-profit teaching and researching clinic offering psychology treatments to staff, students and the community. (The clinic will be open from Tuesday 23rd January, but you can book an appointment at any time).


Resolution 2: Send fewer emails

While you could just book yourself another holiday, Teams on Office365 offers a better way to reduce email overload (one that you or your bank account wanting once you get back). As a UTS student, you should have access to a range of apps and software, such as Teams, through the Office365 suite, so why not give it a shot! This way, you can instant message and share documents with your contacts next time one of those pesky group assignments come up (rather than having endless email chains, or having to add everyone on Facebook).


Resolution 3: Be more sustainable

Bin those takeaway coffee cups and opt for a re-usable one instead. Not only will you help reduce 1 billion disposable coffee cups that end up in Australian landfill every year, but you could also score yourself a sweet discount! Make sure you follow UTS Green online or on Facebook for more sustainable living tips.


Resolution 4: Learn something new

Not sure if a full- or part-time postgrad degree is for you? Then check out UTS Open. It’s our new self-faced online learning platform that lets you sample some of the unis best postgrad courses for free (it’s kind of like a degustation for your mind). 


Resolution 5: Find a new job

Are you thinking new year, new job? Take the hard work our of searing and applying for a new job and log onto CareerHub. There are literally hundred of opportunities advertised on CareerHub, looking for UTS talent such as yourself (plus you can filter the results to fit the industries you’re interested in!), so why not give it a try?

Resolution 6: Exercise more

It’s time to don your lycra and leg warmers (go on, you know you want to!) and hit the gym before or after class at ActivateFit on Harris (you can find it at the bottom of building 4). If gym sessions aren’t your thing, then try a walk around campus, ride to (or from) uni, or dive into a local pool. Still sounds like too much effort? Then simply take the stairs instead of the lift. Every step counts!

Happy New Year!

 Feature image courtesy of Unsplash 
By Fiona Livy

By Fiona Livy

Internal Communications Advisor

Fiona Livy Internal Communication Adviser, UTS Marketing and Communication Unit.  Fiona is a nifty sewer with a way for words, working in magazine publishing for six years after finishing her journalism studies at UTS.