Looking For A 2D Animation Job? 5 Things You Need To Know!

by Apr 1, 2019

 Animation is a great way for an artist can give life to their imagination, it let you show the world how you actually see envision your story and characters. More than that, if you are successful in getting a job at a 2D Animation Company then you are definitely living a life that many dreams of.

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However, if you are willing to pursue a career in animation, have these pointers in your mind before you start sending out your resumes.

1. Have a Plot

You may have a vivid imagination and right now the story that you might be visualizing seems great. However, in most cases that might not be true. Sometimes, the story can lose its essence as soon as you start proceeding with your animation.

Therefore, it is recommended that you write your plot down and then proceed with your animation. In this way, you would have a clear story in front of you to proceed with which might save your animation and final work from various plot holes.

2. Start Simple

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To gain perfection it is better to start with the basics and build your experience and excellence. If you are looking to secure a place at a promising 2D animation company then make sure that you have your grounds covered.

Flying or jumping from heights may seem exciting while animating, however, creating them successfully requires a lot of skill. If you are planning some superheroes who are ready to take on the world then make sure you draw them by hand first, before moving on to animating them.

Take out your pencil and sketch pad and start by drawing the basic character positions and actions. This technique will help you understand the advanced movements when you get to animating. This will also help when it comes to using software, as it gives you a solid place to start when you begin animating the character’s movement.

3. Write about your Character.

While it’s important to have a clear story and plot to avoid any holes in the story, to get the essential editing done when required, and to have a clear and error-free story line, it is also very important to know your character.

A great way to build a character is to write about it. Writing helps you create and imagine your character better; creating their style and look that will meet their description and role is quite important.

4. Start Observing.

For being a successful animator it is highly important to become a keen observer. If you are good at observing and look at everything in detail then only you will be able to gain perfection with your animation.

Many 2D animation companies look for a person who is able to create content that touches the heart of the audience. Movies like Snow White and Lion King gained such hype because their characters were made with great detail, and the storyline was empathetic and filled with relatable emotion.

Hence, when you draw, pay attention to the emotion. Look for what makes your character’s smile unique. While making them cry don’t just draw tears, but focus on their overall expression. Emotions in your animation are be best delivered through keen observation and an eye for detail.

5. Plan and Organize

Last but not least, be organized and plan ahead. Planning solves various problems in all sorts of jobs, but in animation it helps you in avoid error throughout the sometimes lengthy process of creating a full story. As mentioned above, knowing your story is important and so is planning each scene in order to frame your story in the right way.

Be clear about the chronology of your plotline, make notes to have a clear format and then proceed. Especially when you are working in a 2D animation company it is important to have a proper timeline. This will not only help you in getting the work done but will also give you enough time to perform well.

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By Harry James

By Harry James

Content Manager

Harry James is a freelance blogger and a professional content writer. He loves to write on any niche, currently working as a content manager at a 2D Animation Company!