Leading Law One Competition at a Time: Top100 2018 Law Category Winner Talks Growth


I entered the Top100 Future Leaders competition in August last year after receiving an email invite by UTS. At that time, I didn’t appreciate just how far I would go in the competition, nor how much I would learn.

The competition process exposes applicants to a standard graduate recruitment process. This was by having me submit a written application, complete Revelian testing, answer questions in a video interview, and finally attending an assessment day with the other finalists in February this year. This process enabled the organisers GradConnection, Fusion GC, Revelian and my category sponsor Ashurst to select me as possessing the attributes of a future leader in the law industry of Australia. It also enabled me to display my ability to perform in a typical graduate hiring process – while also learning what this process was along the way.

I learnt many things along the way through the Top100, namely:

  • My perceived weaknesses were actually my strengths (single mother, break from uni between undergrad and postgrad to work and travel);
  • My ability to adapt and respond to novel tasks and situations;
  • Gain insightful tips for how to succeed in the graduate recruitment process;
  • The breadth of support offered by UTS Careers and the Law Faculty to support students in the recruitment process; and
  • How contributing to extracurricular activities, personal development and being an all-rounder are becoming preferable to employers than a transcript of HDs

Another amazing aspect to come from the Top100 was meeting other finalists from around Australia, as well as the Top100 graduate employers. It is so inspiring to meet other students that are so passionate about their future careers, and graduate employers who are excited about the next generation of leaders for their industries. The networking opportunities were like no other event has been able to provide me in my university degree so far.

I would strongly recommend other UTS students enter the Top100 competition this year. Being a category winner and finalist is opening so many career opportunities for me, but so too is the exposure to the graduate recruitment process ahead of this years graduate application opening dates.

By Jessica White

By Jessica White


Jessica White is currently studying a Juris Doctor at the University of Technology Sydney. She was the recipient of the Top100 Future Leader Law Award Winner (Ashurst) in February 2018, after participating in GradConnection’s 2018 Top100 Future Leaders competition.“Behind my goals and achievements I feel it is integral to the progression of the legal industry that women empower not only themselves, but also each other to reach our personal potential and contribute to the developing body of law in Australia.”