Improving your career one TikTok at a time

by Oct 16, 2020

Since March we’ve all spent a lot more time at home, leading to lots of baking misadventures, skyrocketing screen time, and hours of online shopping. Since then, TikTok — one of the new kids on the block — captured our attention with its addictive dance, lipsync, and humorous content. I mean, who hasn’t accidentally spent a whole day in bed scrolling? Just me? Ok…

But TikTok isn’t just for millennials and Gen-Zs to mindlessly “renegade” to their heart’s content; it’s a thriving creative community that champions individuality and innovation. The platform is even known for popularising content that educates, organises movements, and inspires change!

So what advice can TikTok users give you about your current or future career?

Set healthy boundaries at work

Source: kreftscouch


Make your resume stand out

Source: casey_rosenberg


Create the perfect cover letter

Source: selfmademillennial


Stand out in your internship

Source: careerbabe


Build your confidence

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Nail your next interview

Source: cedonifrancis


Remember: everyone’s going through the same thing!

Source: theblacksheep99


So there you have it! From interview, resume and cover letter, and personal development advice, TikTok pretty much has you covered. If you want even more career advice (that you don’t have to dig for in a For You page!) why not book in for a Drop-in session with one of our Career Advisors? Get one-on-one tailored advice on the spot, either from home or in person in our newly opened offices!


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Lily Cameron

Lily Cameron

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