How to stand out: your first day at a law firm

by Oct 21, 2019

A first impression doesn’t end with an interview – your first day in the office is just as important. Meeting your new colleagues, learning the lay of the land, and settling in to your role can be daunting when you first start out, but you can certainly solidify a good first impression with a little effort.

In this final instalment, Sally Layson from Speed and Stracey Lawyers returns to provide her insight into how you can tackle your first day at work in a law firm.

It’s the little things that count

Make the right first impression. Know the firm’s dress code.  Take note of what your interviewers wore and wear appropriate clothes that you feel comfortable to wear all day. Be five minutes early.

Learn more about the organisation

Ask for an organisational chart – especially of the department you are working for.  It will make your first day so much easier. 

Prep beforehand

As you prepared for the interview, prepare for your first day.  Do some pre-reading, make sure you know what are the key roles and tasks you will be doing.

Take notes

Bring a pen and notebook.  You will be told a lot of information and you need to absorb as much as you can. 

Take your time

Do not rush! Today is the day to absorb and make sure you understand your role.

Be observant and attentive

Watch and observe.  Do not blurt out your life’s history or your worries on your first day.  If you need to have a personal phone call – wait until lunch and go outside of the office to make it.  Unless it is a necessity, keep you mobile phone in your bag all day and not on your desk.


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Sally Layson

Sally Layson

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