How not to interview according to TikTok

by May 24, 2021

Hi, my name’s Lily and I’m a TikTok addict.

The first step on the path to recovery is admitting you have a problem. I recently lost my phone and my second thought (straight after “whoever finds this phone will see the 12 million photos of my cat on my camera roll”) was “I won’t be able to watch TikTok tonight” – a truly devastating thing to imagine if, like me, TikTok is your main source of serotonin.

According to Oberlo, 90% of TikTok users access the app daily, with an average of 1 million videos watched per day last year. I love the app mostly because it reminds me that many experiences – the good, the bad, and the ugly – are pretty much universal. It makes me feel less alone to see others going through the same things as me, talking about them openly and humorously.

This is definitely the case with job interview horror stories. Everyone either has one or knows someone with a shocker. Here are the top things I learned not to do when going for a job interview according to TikTok.


Don’t oversell your weaknesses

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Don’t break your funny bone

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Don’t think too far ahead

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Don’t be too honest

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Don’t over-commit

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Lily Cameron

Lily Cameron

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