How Harry Styles masters personal branding

by May 8, 2023

Harry Styles went from being in One Direction to becoming a well-known name. His talent and musical journey contributed to his success, as seen in his album of the year Grammy win. He has also mastered unique and clear personal branding. In this post, we’ll discuss what sets Harry’s branding apart and how you can apply those principles to boost your reputation and advance your career.

What is personal branding?

Personal branding involves strategically managing and influencing how others perceive you by curating information about yourself. It has long been utilised by celebrities like Rihanna to shape their public image. However, in recent years, personal branding has expanded its reach and is now applied in personal and business contexts. With the prevalence of social media, every individual is already shaping an online persona, whether consciously or unconsciously.

It’s crucial to remember that personal branding is not a simplistic portrayal of your identity. You are more than just a brand. Nevertheless, understanding how to present yourself effectively on social media, online portfolios, and in professional settings can help showcase your interests, qualities, and unique perspectives. While your Instagram or Facebook may be private, platforms like LinkedIn offer abundant opportunities for personal branding. Mastering personal branding can contribute to career growth and job satisfaction.

Now, let’s explore how Harry Styles creates his distinctive personal brand.

Relate to your audience

Relatable‘ is one of the most prominent buzzwords of the digital age, skyrocketing in popularity since social media took off. It is all about empathy, and being able to connect with people online. Harry Styles does this by showing relatable moments across his social media, such as expressing excitement, showcasing friendship, and displaying his fun and energetic personality

Harry Styles running live on stage at Coachella 2022

To be relatable, consider your audience. Who do you want to connect with? Which professionals do you want to engage? Once you determine your target audience, focus on your interests and qualities that you can emphasize to build a distinct and relatable personal brand.

Present an authentic self

Authenticity goes hand in hand with relatability. If your branding isn’t genuine to who you are, people will notice and won’t be able to connect with you. In today’s world, social media allows anyone to create and curate a public persona. However, in this highly curated space, people are increasingly sceptical of overly polished or fake personas. They crave authentic content that reflects real values and attributes.

Harry Styles demonstrates authenticity in his music by addressing his personal life, including family, friendship, and the emotions tied to relationships and experiences. When building your professional personal brand, ensure that your content and branding are rooted in reality. Focus on sharing factual information, personal experiences, and genuine ideas instead of inflating achievements or presenting false information. This doesn’t mean you should downplay your accomplishments, but rather ensure that everything you present aligns with your true self.

Consistent but evolving

Consistency plays a vital role in personal branding. By maintaining a consistent visual and personal identity, you can establish recognition, familiarity, and coherence. However, it’s also important to remember that evolution and change are natural over time.

Harry Styles’ personal brand identity underwent a transformation throughout his career in One Direction. As the band evolved, so did he. In the same way, Harry Styles’ personal identity differs significantly from his time in the band.

Consistency does not mean rejecting anything new and never exploring new interests or ideas. As people, we are not static. You are not the same person now as you were two years ago. It’s okay for your public image now to be not the same as it was.

Harry Styles in red costume in As it Was music video

However, if you consider the different aspects of your personal branding strategy and unify them across platforms, you can develop a more consistent image of yourself. Your LinkedIn profile is one aspect of your personal brand, however, you might also have a personal website or online portfolio. Create a cohesive visual style across these elements, and regularly update these platforms to ensure they’re current.

Stand out from the crowd

One of the ways Harry Styles sets himself apart from other musicians is through his artistic fashion and style


The last one is the best outfit of tour, argue with the wall #harrystyles #outfits #hslot #1d #onedirection #loveontour

♬ original sound – ♥️⁉️

Understanding what sets you apart from others can empower you to embrace and highlight those differences in your branding. It could be your life experience, professional journey, or diverse interests. Reflect on why people might be drawn to connect with you. Taking pride in your unique qualities can make you stand out when pursuing job opportunities or expanding your network.

Collaborate with others

Harry Styles is undeniably a remarkable individual, but he is not alone in his journey. In a Vogue interview with Hamish Bowles, Harry emphasized the significant role played by the people in his life, including friends, colleagues, and family. He acknowledged the support and influence of individuals such as his stylist, Harry Lambert, his sister, Gemma Styles, and his band members, Mitch Rowland and Sarah Jones.

Harry and sister Gemma Styles photographed

Photographed by Tyler Mitchell, Vogue, December 2020

Building connections and having a support system are essential for personal and professional growth. Take a moment to acknowledge the people in your life and appreciate how they contribute to your work and personal development. While crafting a personal brand may appear to be an individual endeavour, involving others by seeking feedback and input from colleagues and friends can ensure that your personal branding remains cohesive and authentic.


Throughout his journey, Harry Styles has embraced collaboration with those around him to cultivate an authentic, relatable, and consistently evolving personal brand. This approach has enabled him to stand out and establish a powerful presence. You can apply these principles to your own branding efforts, whether on platforms like LinkedIn and social media, a personal website, or a professional portfolio. By mastering personal branding, you can enhance your ability to connect with others and open doors to new career opportunities.

If only personal branding guaranteed a Grammy…

Harry Styles Grammy Win GIF

Featured image courtesy of Givenchy

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