How a Careers Event Led to a Job: An Interview with Art Honeysett

by Feb 18, 2019

We sat down with Art Honeysett winner of the 2018 Law Interview Challenge top prize, a micro-internship with Colin Biggers & Paisley Lawyers. Art reflects on the career-shaping experience as his mirco-internship lead to a paralegal role.     

So tell us a little about you, what you are doing now, and what brought you to UTS? 

I’m a 4th year student studying a Bachelor of Business (Finance), Bachelor of Laws. My time outside of class is largely devoted to my role as the 2018/2019 UTS Law Students’ Society, Vice President (Sponsorship). Outside of university, I’m a paralegal at Colin Biggers & Paisley in the corporate and dispute resolution practice group.  

During my free time, my favourite activities are skiing and travelling. While skiing is my bread and butter, I am also hopelessly attempting to learn to snowboard! I have enjoyed trying to ‘indoor’ snowboard before, but I spent a lot of time falling over.

My decision to study law at UTS was largely influenced by UTS Law’s unique commitment to innovation, technology and practical-based learning. I knew that an education at a leading law school would be crucial to my development as a prospective lawyer in Australia’s highly competitive legal industry.  

What are some things you’ve taken from your time at UTS in terms of your professional growth?  

UTS has played an essential role in my professional development. My classes have provided me with an opportunity to refine my research, analytical, problem solving and communication skills. By putting in the extra-mile, I find my law subjects’ content to be highly engaging and useful. In the workforce, I have often relied upon my skills and experiences I developed at university so far, for example, when writing a research memorandum, or, examining an affidavit after initially learning about affidavits in civil practice and procedure.

Additionally, UTS has a wide offering of societies and extra-curriculars to be involved in. Through my involvement in student societies and university initiatives, I have developed a wider skillset, including time management, teamwork, leadership and organisational skills. Furthermore, I can safely say that I have made lifelong friendships at UTS. 

I noticed that you found your current role as part of the Law Interview Challenge, an event which was run in 2018, connecting students and employers in the form of an open interview panel. Tell us about that?  

I had the opportunity to undertake an internship at Colin Biggers & Paisley as the first place prize winner in the 2018 UTS Law Interview Challenge. The Challenge required participants to undergo a series of mock interviews with different interviewers from firms across the legal industry. The participants with the highest marks were called to answer an additional question in front of a live audience to determine the winner. I was thrilled to win the challenge and commence my placement with Colin Biggers & Paisley.

As a part of the internship, I shadowed solicitors within the firm across multiple practice groups, including, corporate and dispute resolution, property, construction and insurance. After my internship, I received highly positive feedback and was offered a role as a paralegal to stay at the firm going forward. Overall, the UTS Law Interview Challenge experience was highly enjoyable and, pivotal in my professional development. 

What would you say to students wanting to further their careers in law? 

You’re only at university for a small part of your life and it goes by quickly. I highly recommend UTS law students to take advantage of the many academic and extra-curricular opportunities available to them at UTS. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone, and always approach everything with an open and curious mind. Additionally, it is crucial to apply yourself in the workplace and take initiative. No matter what your field of work is, the experience and skills gained while at work will be transferable to new roles.

By David Lillo-Trynes

By David Lillo-Trynes

Internships Officer, UTS Startups

David works in the UTS Careers Engagement Team, focusing on industry-facing communications. He is a UTS alumni, with a passion for communications, ethical and sustainable business models, and doing things differently. When he isn't hammering away at a keyboard here at UTS, Dave will be deep in a Netflix binge, walking the dog, or getting some salt water therapy.