Five tips to enhance your employment opportunities in NSW public schools

by Aug 4, 2021

No matter how far into your initial teacher education program you might be, thinking about finding employment after graduation probably seems both exciting and a little daunting. There are so many amazing opportunities available in NSW public schools that it’s often hard to know where to even begin.

While it’s true that certain high-demand subject areas may offer higher employment prospects than others, if you are willing to take a proactive approach in your search and be open to different employment types and locations, there are a number of opportunities available to early career teachers across all key learning areas in primary and secondary schools.

Here are some things you can start doing now to enhance your future employment opportunities in NSW public schools.


1. Take advantage of scholarship opportunities

 Apply for a future teacher scholarship with the NSW Department of Education. A number of scholarships are on offer every year, with a range of benefits and incentives, which can include financial support whilst you study, appointment allowances and a guaranteed permanent teaching position on successful completion of your degree.

For future teachers who are seeking permanency as soon as they graduate, being a scholar provides you with the advantage of knowing your future employment plans before you even finish your degree.


2. Explore different locations and school settings across NSW

 There are some amazing schools to work at across NSW and your chances of being matched to a permanent position when you graduate are enhanced if you expand the number of locations that you would like to teach in.

Use your practicum placements as an opportunity to experience different settings you could potentially work in in the future.

As students at UTS, you have the opportunity to complete your final practicum experience in a rural or remote NSW public school, in areas like Griffith and Wagga Wagga, whilst being paid up to $500 per week for the duration of your placement.


3. Build and maintain connections with your professional experience schools

As well as offering invaluable opportunities to refine your teaching practice, your practicum experiences are also a chance for you to network and build connections with teacher colleagues and schools.

Make the most of your professional experiences by getting involved, getting to know the staff you’re working with and let them know you are available for casual work once you receive your interim number.


4. Complete your approval to teach and request interim approval

 Complete your approval to teach in NSW public schools once you are in your final two semesters of study. You can visit Teach NSW on the Education website to find a step-by-step guide to completing this process.

If you intend on casual teaching during your final year of study, request a casual interim number and begin approaching schools to enquire about casual work. You can use the ClassCover app to manage your bookings.

Casual teaching is not only a great way to develop your teaching practice outside of your professional experience placements, but it also allows you to develop connections with schools that can lead to longer term temporary engagements.


5. Apply for temporary and permanent teaching positions on JobFeed

Once you have successfully completed the requirements of approval to teach, you will be granted a full approval to teach. At this stage, you can begin applying for advertised temporary and permanent positions that are listed in JobFeed each week.

You can subscribe to JobFeed at any time to view the opportunities available in NSW public schools.


Whatever stage you are at in your degree, if you would like to find out more about any of the processes listed above, contact the Teach NSW team via: Alternatively, register for a Teaching 101 webinar for university students to find out more about the opportunities available to future teachers in NSW public schools.


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Lauren Pitt

Lauren Pitt

Assistant Principal in a NSW public school

Lauren Pitt has worked with the NSW Department of Education for eight years, and was an assistant principal prior to joining the Teach NSW team. She is passionate about recruiting the next generation of teachers into the NSW Department of Education, ensuring the department remains the best education system in Australia and one of the finest in the world.