Fact or Fiction: Your Favourite Fictional Characters on How to Write a CV in the Real World

by Mar 18, 2019

You’ve aced all your classes, graduated with flying colours, and even have some experience under your belt from an internship—so why does your mind go blank when you’re faced with writing a CV? If crafting a convincing CV feels as daunting as writing the next great Australian novel, these famous fictional characters can give you some very real advice.

Jack Sparrow

resume image for pirate jack sparrow on old parchment

Vandalism, pillaging, pilfering, and arson: not exactly the qualities of a modern career candidate (or law-abiding citizen). Believe it or not, Captain Jack Sparrow’s CV is likely to be very effective in his search for a temporary ship contract. His advice? Know your potential employer and tailor your resume to fit their needs.

You’ve proven yourself proficient in Microsoft Office and have killer organizational skills, but your pirate applications keep getting denied—what gives? Your sword-wielding employers may be worried you won’t be able to deliver more than a paper cut. Even if you lack experience on the high seas, take a feather out of Jack’s cap and do some reading. Knowing as much as you can about the job and the company will help you emphasize the skills the employer is looking for while downplaying what might not be relevant.

Sybill Trelawney

resume for Harry Potter professor sybill trelawney

As the saying goes, fake it ‘til you make it, and no one can attest to its truthfulness more than Professor Trelawney. Even before you meet your employer (and no, seeing them in a crystal ball doesn’t count), your CV is your first chance to impress.

Even if you’re still unable to see omens of misfortune in every cup of tea, you can assure employers that your Inner Eye is open to growing and improving. Express to them that you have a strong set of foundational skills, and that you are a quick-learner who has a bright future with the company (they can trust you—you’re a Seer, after all).

Forrest Gump

resume for movie charactor Forrest Gump on note paper

As Forrest Gump’s momma told him, “life’s like a box of chocolates—you never know what job you’re gonna get!” Sometimes a solid set of technical skills is not enough to impress an employer. A healthy array of hobbies or interests outside the company suggests an ability to learn new tasks and a willingness to get involved.

Even if you haven’t run across the country or met the POTUS, personalizing your resume by describing your passion for ping pong or your involvement in community events can make your CV more memorable to a future employer.

As your favourite fictional characters illustrate, your CV can be as unique as you. If you’re as honest as Forrest Gump, as clever as Jack Sparrow, and as confident as Professor Trelawney, your CV is sure to be a success!

By Keely Witherow

By Keely Witherow

Digital Content Editor

Keely works at findcourses.com and findcourses.co.uk, search engines dedicated to corporate training and further education. Their goal is to help individuals and companies find relevant courses or providers for Professional Development training in the US, UK and abroad.