Careers to look into with your Communications degree

by Dec 1, 2021

As you complete your university classes, you will be considering your career options and searching for an exciting, fulfilling job that you will enjoy.

If you are graduating with a Communications degree, there are many positions available that allow you to use what you have learned as well as develop new skills. Here are a few ideas for you to consider.


Work with social media

One of the fastest advertising industries today is social media. Billions of consumers use these platforms to interact with each other, share information, and see what the latest trends are.

Using your Comms major, you can write creative content to post on your client’s pages as well as look for bright, colorful graphics to catch the eye of those who visit the site.

For example, you could use your gap year ideas to plan an innovative program for your customer that will increase the amount of likes they get as well as the dollars brought into their company.


Write technical documents

If your strength is writing, look into a career as a technical writer. This especially applies if you are proficient in another area, such as mechanics or website design.

Individuals in this position provide the documentation for the manuals that come with a product. Your experience with the English language enables you to explain what the end user needs to know in a way that they can understand.

You might also write the content for the frequently asked questions and help section of your employer’s website as well as any other materials that they want you to construct. 


Specialise in public relations

This career choice is ideal for you if you have an interest in marketing as well.

Your writing skills would come in handy as you create convincing promotions for the company that you work with. This would include releases to the media that inform them of major events happening within the organisation as well as new products that may be of interest to the public.

You would also coordinate with the reporters who wanted to talk to individuals involved with your business. Your primary responsibility in this role would be to display the place you work for in a positive light.


Edit other writers’ work

Those individuals who are skilled with the grammatical aspects of the English language can get a job as an editor, either for a print publication or for online content.

The industries that need this position are vast. You can consider critiquing books, magazines, newspapers, and other print media as well as websites and online retail pages.

You would work with each individual contributor to correct any errors that you have noticed and to make phrases they may have used clearer for the final reader. You can also write for these companies as well, either as a reporter or as a content manager. 


Find a career in law

There are many documents that must be written in the court of law. Whether you are a lawyer or a legal assistant, having a mastery of the English language can make your job easier in the long run.

This profession will require additional schooling to incorporate both industries. However, the final salary that you will earn each year might be worth it if these are both of interest to you. You will want to spend time in each department to determine if you enjoy working in this position, then register for the additional classes that you will need to get started.



As you step out into the working world, there are many options available to you to use your Communications degree.

Whether it is working with social media, getting a job in public relations, or finding a position in the law field, there are multiple opportunities to utilise the skills that you have learned while developing others. These talents can assist you in getting the career of your dreams or direct you into a field to find success.


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Mikkie Mills

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