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by May 9, 2022

If there’s anything promised in this life, it’s death, taxes, and job interviews.

You’ve nailed the cover letter and resume portion of the job-search process, and now’s your chance to show off your true personality, wow your interviewers, and hopefully land a job!

But there’s also no denying that interviewing can be particularly stressful, require lots of preparation, and be one of the last barriers to a new opportunity.

So how can you be sure you’re a good interview candidate? We’ve put together some of our favourite blog posts about job interviews so the next time you’re in front of a hiring manager, it’s just before your first day at a new role.


Acing an interview as a first-timer

Why you should read: If you’ve never had a job interview before, this is the blog for you! Read for our ‘Holy Grail’ interview tips, and for a case study on acing an interview from the perspective of a UTS Careers project manager.

Eek! You’ve been called in for a job interview and it’s your FIRST TIME! First off, congratulations this is very exciting news. Secondly, don’t worry – we’ve all had that pre-interview nervous feeling where your stomach drops to your feet, totally normal.


There are some Holy Grail pieces of interview insight you’ll need to help you smash this interview, and we’re breaking them down for you. Plus, our very own Sarah Graham, who runs the Peer Network at UTS, has given the blog the inside scoop on how you can ace a Peer Network interview – bonus!

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There’s no escaping video interviews now

Why you should read: The title says it all! Video interviews are an integral part of the job search process these days, so it’s essential you learn how to navigate them. Read this to discover our top tips for acing video interviews and setting yourself apart from the crowd.

Before the global pandemic, video interviews were something you had heard about from a friend, or perhaps done one yourself, but they probably seemed like a foreign concept. What’s the point of doing a video interview when you can just go to their office and meet in person? How times have changed!


As a lot of us have had to adapt to studying and working from home; we have been forced to upskill and get comfortable sitting in front of a webcam and conducting classes and meetings from our kitchen table or bedroom. Face-to-face interviews have seemingly become a thing of the past, and video interviews are here to stay for the foreseeable future.


Check out the following tips to make sure you can master your next video interview.

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You can’t ask that! Illegal job interview questions

Why you should read: Don’t get stuck answering a question an interviewer has no right to ask! Know your rights and responsibilities when it comes to job interviews, and get examples of unlawful questions and how you can answer them.

Interviews can be a tough go at the best of times, but throw in uncomfortable, cringey, or plain illegal questions and you’ll be in for a tumultuous ride.


We often think that we have to jump through hoops or go out of our way to prove ourselves in interviews, but you are under no obligation to answer any question that makes you uncomfortable. After all, job interviews are not just for a prospective employer to interview you, it’s also a chance for you to see if they’re the right fit.


To find out what is unlawful to ask under national and state laws, we need to turn to the legal literature.

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7 tips to reduce job interview anxiety

Why you should read: We’re not going to pretend that job interviews are easy! Learn how to manage interview anxiety and ace your next opportunity.

Are you searching for a job but dealing with interview anxiety? If so, it can pose a real challenge for you to overcome. Meeting individuals who are in a position of authority, talking about yourself, being judged and evaluated based on your demeanour and appearance are all potential triggers for social anxiety.


While you may get nervous during a job interview, there are steps you can take to help quell these feelings.

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How Harry Potter could land you your next job

Why you should read: You might not expect it, but the Harry Potter houses can actually help you answer that tricky question – ‘tell me a little about yourself’.

Here’s the worst kept secret in careers: pretty much no one likes doing job interviews.


And here’s the even worse worst kept secret: no one likes the question “tell me about yourself”.


The reason it’s so tricky is because of just how broad this question is; do you talk about your current job? Your hobbies? Work experience? Entire life story??? And it certainly doesn’t help that this is often how interviewers will start your interview, before you’re warmed up and feeling more comfortable.


You’ll find countless interview resources to help you navigate the difficult terrain of interviews, but one trick that has helped me approach the soft skills element of this question probably isn’t listed.


I, like many young people, grew up with Harry Potter all around me. I read all the books with my sister, went to the movies at midnight, and waited with baited breath for the release of the final chapter in the series. It’s drilled into my brain at this point. When I started going to job interviews, I realised I could use this knowledge to my benefit.


So here’s my solution to the “tell me about yourself” problem: talk about your Hogwarts House! If you’re like me, you won’t have to dig around too much to remember the well-known traits of each of the four houses, and chances are they’ll provide you with a bit of inspiration to tackle this tricky part of the interview process.


So, let’s dig in!

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