Be the Boo You Want to See in the World

by Jan 28, 2019

Boo, beloved Pomeranian and potentially cutest dog to ever walk the face of the earth, passed away this week. Renowned for his general adorableness and dog-related antics, Boo was an easy example of making the most of natural talent to forge a career.

Boo the pomeranian dog on the kitchen floor with his head down

In honour of his passing, let’s take a note from his little doggy career book and start working with what you got to become the best Boo you can be. Or, what we’re really saying, is to become the best YOU you can be for your career. So here are a few pieces of advice based on Boo’s excellence to help you find and land the job you want.

What are you amazing at? What brings you joy?

lady saying to keep only what brings you joy

Although none of us speak dog, we can assume that Boo enjoyed his life being one of the cutest doggos on the internet. So, it’s important that what you end up doing for your career is something you enjoy as well.

When you were a little pupp… *cough* kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? What was it about that job that inspired you? What was the one thing that your parents/friends/teachers knew you for? What were you great at?

Then when you were finishing high school and applying for uni, why did you choose the degree that you did? What was your best or favourite subject during the HSC?

And now you’re studying, what part of your degree makes you the happiest? What hobby do you do outside of uni that brings you joy? What do your friends and colleagues compliment you on?

Make a list and look for a common thread between all of these things – your professional passions, your personal projects, and what people tell you you’re good at. Once you’ve done this, then start narrowing down it down into a few skills or career paths, and chat with the people around you or to a career and recruitment specialist  about how you can turn these strengths into a career.

Build that personal brand

Lena Dunham saying my personal brand is tombstone pizza

Boo knew how to work the web, and so should you. If you don’t have an online portfolio, LinkedIn profile, blog, or website, you need one. Start being your own best advocate and getting your name and passions out there!

Once you’ve narrowed down what brings you joy and that you want to do in your career, it’s time to start connecting those passions with your name and professional reputation, and there you have it – you’re building your personal brand!

Having an online space where you can express what you love gives you the opportunity to share with others in your industry, helping you develop friendships and professional relationships that are essential to any career.

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Make connections and surround yourself with the best people

two pomeranian dogs, Buddy and Boo

Boo’s best bud, Buddy, was there with him during his rise to fame and looked like a pretty invaluable friend throughout his career. In fact, Boo’s humans told media that they believe Boo died of a broken heart after the passing of his best friend Buddy last year (*cries*). So finding a friend or two in your field is a great idea.

From a human perspective, building up your professional network is a pretty important step once you discover what you want to do.

Friends in your field can help you find jobs, build your skills, teach you about new advancements in your industry, and can relate when things get tough. These are the people who know exactly what you’re going through and can help support you when you’re facing a difficult problem at work or uni.

While you’re still studying, the uni friends you make in your classes may just end up being the people you work with so start ‘networking’ (aka. making friends) at uni as soon as you can!


So, in Boo’s memory, it’s time to narrow down your passions, get your name out there, and make some friends!

white man holding sign that says moral support

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By Mia Casey

By Mia Casey


Mia is a Sydney-based copywriter and content creator, who ran the UTS Careers Blog for five years since its conception in 2016.
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