7 ways to stand out from other candidates on a job application

by Feb 9, 2023

The job market has been wild lately. While the short-staffing issues in many industries would have you believe otherwise, the competition is fierce for desirable roles. Add in applicant tracking systems (ATS), and getting in front of a hiring manager has never been more challenging.

Making an impression is essential for landing a job in this competitive market. Here are seven ways to stand out from other candidates when applying for a job.

1.  Use a video resume

Stand out from the crowd by including a video resume with your application. This brief video should showcase your personality and skills while putting a face to the name. While video resumes aren’t commonplace yet, they’re gaining traction, especially with video interviews and remote work on the rise.

Remember that if you create a video with your phone, it will record vertically or flip your clip sideways on a laptop screen. You can fix this with a simple mirror video online tool.

2.  Optimise your social media

It’s estimated that upward of 90% of modern employers screen social media during the hiring process. This is an opportunity for you to stand out from the competition.

Audit your social media to ensure there’s nothing damaging or inflammatory posted and that your information is updated. Then, use your platforms to share information and thoughts relevant to your industry. These details show that you’re invested in your career path and passionate about your field.

3.  Practice your interviews

Many companies are now using a pre-screening video interview as a part of the application process. These interviews typically ask confirming questions about your background and identity and why you’re interested in the role.

Take some time to practice interviewing to prepare for pre-screening and the main event. Practice commonly asked questions and have answers ready.

4.  Use measurable accomplishments

One of the most significant opportunities for making an impact on your resume is including measurable accomplishments. Rather than listing what you did at a previous job, show potential employers

For example, if you were a retail supervisor, and you’re now applying for an entry-level job in your field, optimize your work experience through that lens. You didn’t just oversee staff; you managed a team of X people, coordinated schedules, and resolved conflicts.

Adding actual numbers makes your information more relatable and contextual. This component alone will stand out.

5.  Include references and referrals

Add references and referrals to your application rather than waiting for someone to call you for an interview.

Better yet, take some time to connect with someone in the organizations you hope to work for in the future, so you can name-drop them later.

6.  Offer improvement suggestions

Most hiring managers don’t respond to idle flattery. Every company has pain points and opportunities for improvement.

Stand out from the competition by highlighting how you’d improve the company and what suggestions you offer. Be professional, but be honest. This initiative shows that you’ve done your research.

7.  Show Why You Deserve the Role

Finally, showcase why you deserve the role above others. Use your cover letter to highlight that you’ve researched the company and are interested in more than a job.

The cherry on top is letting them know that you really want to work for their business in particular. Remember to reiterate your interest throughout the process.

Final Words

The key to standing out is highlighting your value as a potential employee. Research the company, outline measurable results, and convey your passion for getting the job.


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Miley Downing

Miley Downing

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