4 Ways to Customize Your Workspace to Improve Productivity


Research has shown that people have increased productivity when they have more control over their work environment – from more freedom to work inside or out, to decorating their desks. While changes like windows and ceiling height are often out of many people’s abilities to alter, we’ve compiled a little list of inspiration for changes you can bring to your work or study space to make it your own!

Add a plant

They clean the air and help bring the outside in, which is a great idea if where you’re working or studying doesn’t have windows. Bringing a little nature to your desk can also help you clear your mind and be more attentive.

Decorate your space

Display photos of family and friends, a cool piece of art, or a poster of your favourite band to decorate your space. Studies have shown that people who decorated their workspace had improved work performance (and it can also be a great conversation starter in the workplace!)

Not all mess is bad

If your task is more creative, researchers have found that having a messier desk can increase new ideas and creativity. If your work is more analytical however, then a tidy desk can boost productivity and conformity.

A room with a view

If your workspace is nowhere near a window, change your desktop background to a natural landscape. Like plants, having  a quick break and looking at natural scenery can ‘have a restorative effect on cognitive function’.



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By Mia Casey

By Mia Casey


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