3 ways to nail your next job interview

by Jun 16, 2021

Originally published by Vertigo magazine

So, you’ve sent out dozens of polished resumes to prospective employers and you finally hear something back. Thrilled at the idea of getting through to the next round of a potential new gig, the reality sinks in. No more hiding behind polite email greetings. It’s time to meet face-to-face and be the best damn candidate that steps in the room. Are you nervous? Of course. But with these 3 fool-proof job interview tips, you’ll be sure to walk out of your next interview wanting to hire yourself.


1. Be smart about your preparation

Always prep for your interviews. Whether it’s for an unpaid internship or your dream full-time job, the right preparation will allow your natural confidence to shine through your answers.

The trick with any job interview is to have a strong understanding of what you want them to remember about you. Most generic interview questions are a variation of one another. For example, the more traditional questions including “What are your greatest strengths?”, “What skillset can you bring to the role?” and “Why should we hire you?” could essentially be answered the same way.

Pick out the most interesting aspects of your qualifications and strengths that you want to convey. It is not enough to rattle off a generic list of skills, so come prepared with specific and relevant examples from your previous work experience that exemplify each point you are trying to make. Feel free when describing your examples to get creative and relay memorable anecdotes or showcase your personal portfolio where appropriate.

Also, don’t forget to do your due diligence and research the position and the business beforehand. The more you know the better you will feel walking in.

Most importantly, remember to be your own cheerleader and back yourself 110%. If you genuinely believe you’re the perfect fit for the role, they will too.


2. Turn nerves into excitement

Nerves are to be expected when interviewing and, in most cases, symbolise that you are gunning for something you really want. If before your job interview your nerves seem to be getting the better of you, flip the inner narrative. Run through a list of all the reasons you have to be grateful or excited for this interview.

Here are a few to get you started.

  • You’re grateful to have the opportunity to be offered an interview in this job climate.
  • You are excited to showcase all your previous hard work.
  • You’re grateful to have more interview experience under your belt.
  • You’re excited about what this could mean for the progression of your career.

Th built-up anxiety will eventually subside once you are in the actual job interview. Hype yourself up with a killer pep-talk, stay positive and trust in your preparation.


3. Master that dreaded last question

Masquerading as a deceivingly simple throwaway question, this final remark can truly stump the best of us.

“Do you have any final questions?”

When responding, it is vital to end your interview with the same energy you started with. Use this time to your advantage by demonstrating your eagerness to be offered the position.

You’ve been granted a golden opportunity to enquire about aspects of the job you may not have covered during the interview.

  • Can you walk me through a typical day in this job?
  • How would you describe the work culture here?
  • Are there opportunities to upskill within this position?
  • What does success look like in this position and how is it measured?
  • Do you have any hesitations about me or my qualifications that I can address before I leave?

Remember that your main mission when it comes to job interviews, is to sell yourself to the employer. Your best chance at standing out as a top candidate is by truly being authentic to your personality when answering their questions.


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Anisha Premawardhana

Anisha Premawardhana

Anisha is a 2020 Bachelor of Communications – Journalism, Social & Political Sciences graduate. She loves nothing more than a boozy, board game night and never-ending belly laughs with her mates. You can find her on Instagram @anisharapthi