What are the main benefits of moving abroad for work?

by Jun 26, 2019

Working abroad is a dream come true for many professionals. It has value not only as an enjoyable and broadening experience, but also as a means of equipping you with skills that will stand you in good stead for the rest of your career.

If you’re considering working abroad, read on to discover some of the main personal and professional benefits of taking that step.

You become a rounded candidate.

In today’s increasingly cosmopolitan workplace, experience of having lived and worked in another culture is always valuable, whatever the circumstances in which you did so. It gives you the chance to gain life experiences that you would otherwise never have obtained, and working abroad carries far more weight than simply ‘travelling’.

Relocating overseas demonstrates many personal qualities that employer’s value. These include confidence, self-reliance and independence as well as flexibility. It also shows cultural awareness – a vital trait for a progressive workplace.

Not only does the experience do wonders for your personal, mental, and emotional growth, it also looks good on paper. To move abroad and work shows open-mindedness and an industrious nature – two qualities that never fail to impress on a CV. It also demonstrates a huge commitment to the role.

Evidence of having worked abroad is sure to make you a much more rounded candidate than those who have never done so.

You get to develop your foreign language skills.

Another advantage of moving abroad for work is that it provides you with the opportunity to learn a new language. This is a far more effective way of picking up new words and expressions than in a classroom, as it gives you the chance to learn how the language is spoken on a real conversational level rather than from a textbook.

Language skills are always beneficial to any professional, and what better way to pick them up than by living and working abroad? Cement your existing knowledge from studying a language at secondary school or university, or take the opportunity to learn a language afresh, broadening your horizons and adding another string to your bow.

You earn a good salary.

Moving abroad for work may also give you the opportunity to earn a higher salary than you could earn working in the UK. This is due to the fact that many companies who require English speaking employees are willing to pay more for British natives than they would for candidates from their own country who speak English as a second language.

Working abroad may also allow you a higher standard of living. If you choose to work in a country with a more stable economy or lower rent costs, you will also find that you command more buying power with your salary while living there.

Although moving abroad requires courage, it is a truly worthwhile decision. Take the plunge and see what working in another country can do for your professional and personal growth.

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Justin Fox

Justin Fox

Justin is writing on behalf of Engage Education -  a recruitment agency that specialises in helping teaching graduates find a career in the UK.