Thinking of changing career paths? Here’s how!

by Jul 26, 2021

Navigating through a given career path and finding the best option can be a daunting and confusing. In the present-day, multiple job prospects are available within each industry, with new roles being added every day. That is supposed to make it easier, right?

Well, in some cases, having a diverse range of career paths that look exciting can actually mystify the situation more.

Considering options outside your chosen field of study is absolutely okay, as long as you find your new role interesting and promising.

As a person who has switched career paths three times, I can confirm that the process is challenging but brings out the best in you. Finding a new path you love leaves you happy and content so you don’t become part of the “I hate my work” crew.

Here are my tips on finding your interests outside your major/speciality and excelling with them! 😊


Research is your new BFF!

Research can begin with any source, not just articles, blogs, or books but even Netflix shows. To get you started, check out these Netflix documentaries which promise to change your life.

This step of gaining maximum knowledge on your new interest is crucial since it lays a strong foundation for your upcoming moves.

The next step for your research should be networking and, yes it works! The LinkedIn Alumni Tool for UTS can help you navigate through different profiles, their job descriptions and career paths.


Expose your past

While you are researching new prospects it is important to not forget about your past. All your previous work experience is good for your professional profile, provided you are able to showcase the relevant bits.

People with distinctive personalities and diverse skills are greatly welcome in all organisations, as they help provide unique perspectives. When you are looking for a job in a new field in which you have no experience, the skills from your past will act as your selling point.

This article by Forbes on how to focus more on skills in your resume is a life saver!

Also, keep an eye out for our UTS Careers Newsletter in your inboxes each fortnight. They always have something that can help you to #CreateTheFutureYou.


Find a mentor

UTS has a wonderful resource – the Professional Mentoring Platform – to help you find the right professionals to help you and learn more about what your future actual job or field might entail for you.

PMP (what the cool kids call it!) is a personal networking platform exclusive to UTS, where industry professionals, UTS staff and alumni have signed up to mentor current students and recent graduates.

It is a double win for you since your PMP mentor can answer all your queries and build a professional relationship for life.

You can also find a mentor by networking in your social circles or family, just remember- antennas up, bug eyes open!


Experience it first-hand

Once you have gathered all the blueprints, it is necessary to look at the day-to-day activities of the job. The questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Does this excite me?
  • Can I do this happily every day?
  • Does it give me scope to grow?

And of course, you can have your own set of questions.

This step can be achieved by finding volunteering, unpaid, or short-term initiatives in the organisation of your choice. You can also choose to buddy up with your mentor and request them for a shadowing or day-in-a-life opportunity.

Virtual work experience programmes by Forage are also a great way to experience daily tasks within a job role.

Blending in your knowledge of and experiences with this new career path will help you make an informed and robust decision.


Your ideas journal

Document every step along the way, each progress, thought, and connection you come across. This journal helps you paint a complete picture of the new story you are about to write and later on helps you with resume building, interviews, networking and maybe writing your own blog (why not?).

This journal will always remind you of the diverse talent you possess, along with your accomplishments, making this diary your quick and easy source of confidence boost! Harvard Business Review agrees with me in this article.


All in all, you are capable of achieving any job and it is never too late to change career paths.

Many big shots of the world have changed career paths later in life. Take a look and I’m sure you’ll recognise many names in this list.

These steps should help you in bridging the gap between you and your future role and can get you started on your exciting new career! 


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Nema Madnani

Nema Madnani

Careers Intern

Nema is currently working as an intern at UTS Careers along with being a U:PASS Leader (peer tutor). She is in her final year of Masters of Business Administration majoring in Human Resources. She is passionate and driven with a penchant for networking and is eager to learn new things. Nema has previously worked in India in the hospitality industry and brings with her a multifaceted perspective.