Put Some Christmas Cheer into Your Career


It’s Summer! You’ve finally reached the end of the year and you want nothing more than to relax in the sun, eat, drink and be merry. While it’s tempting to follow the call of those sunshine bevs and Christmas parties, there are ways that you can use this time wisely to help you get Career smart.

Casual/Part-Time Work

Don’t have any experience in your chosen industry? Your summer holidays are the perfect time to get some casual work and build transferable skills or get some industry experience. Getting the experience earlier on will help you hone in on any areas that need development and help you recognise your strengths.


Planning during the summer break is also a valuable use of time. Use this time to plan the following year; figure out your classes or your work/study balance now that you have the time to think it through without distraction from those time consuming assignments. Once your subject outlines are released, write your due dates and other important events in a planner. Plan some new goals for the next year. What activities can you be involved with? How else can you work towards your ideal career? It’s a great time to make some decisions to set yourself up for success.

Further study

If this was your final year, further study may be another option for you (and the route I am personally taking). As this stage you’d have your undergrad, but perhaps there is a specific area you’d like to specialise in? Take a look at your options, you may find a postgrad degree that is perfect for you to further your career through education.


Use this time to self-reflect on your achievements from the year. Reflection is an important tool you are able to use in your professional life as it is a form of self-awareness and development. How was your attitude towards study this year? Did you reach your personal goals? What did you do to reach those goals? Or on the other hand, why do you think you didn’t reach those goals? What else is still on that to-do list? Be honest with yourself, your self-reflection space is for you.

 Professional Development events

Professional Development events are another great way to build your professional skills. Perhaps there is a seminar you could attend on a skill you’d like to improve, or a skill that would help you get a job. Attending these events is also a way to network and meet your peers in your industry.


Finally, summer is for relaxing. Make sure you take some time for you and have fun. Chilling out after a long and hard year of study is the best way to get us relaxed and focused for the following year, so you can spring into that new year with energy and passion.

Featured image courtesy of Unsplash

By Emily Edwards

Curriculum and Career Development Assistant

Emily is a UTS Careers Curriculum and Career Development Assistant, supporting the Health and Education Careers Consultant with organisation and administration activities.  Outside of the CCD team, she is a final year Teacher Education student that is continuing her study at UTS to specialise as an English as a Second Language teacher in primary schools.