Predicting your career based on your favourite show of 2020

by Dec 14, 2020

Life slowed down this year; we spent more time at home and less in the office, commuting, or at uni. This change prompted many of us to find creative ways to connect with friends and family, as well as entertain ourselves in the monotony of lockdown. Enter streaming services!

In the first few months of 2020 alone, Netflix gained almost 16 million new subscribers. We were watching more than ever before, and taking the time to reflect on our own and others’ experiences.

With a huge influx of binge-able shows, it’s hard to narrow down the best TV of 2020, but a few choice options certainly stand out! What was your favourite pick of this year, and what does it mean for your future career? Choose your top show from 2020 below, and I’ll predict what career you should pursue.


Tiger King

You’ve got good intentions, but you’re no stranger to controversy. Sure you try to do the best for yourself and look out for the people around you, but sometimes you don’t quite hit the mark. Entrepreneurship and adventure are at the heart of your career goals, but buyer beware, you’re not always the best with money.

Career: Startup Founder


The Queen’s Gambit

You’ve got an analytical and focused mind, and are driven in all aspects of your personal and professional life. You might make mistakes every once in a while, but when you get knocked down you’re sure to get back up again. At work, you’re competitive and strive to succeed in all tasks you’re given (workaholic alert!)

Career: Barrister


Love is Blind

You’re passionate and headstrong, but can sometimes dive into things a bit too quickly. It’s likely you’ll change career directions several times throughout your life, since you’re not happy to settle for anything less than perfect. You love connecting with people and building up a network – with friends in high places you know you’ll have heaps of industries to fall back on the next time you change your mind.

Career: Relationship Coach, Comedian, Crystal Healer… it changes depending on the day of the week


Normal People

Throughout school and uni you’ve always been a bit of a lone wolf, happiest with a book in one hand and a pen in the other. You’re studious, sometimes to the detriment of your social life, but as BNOC you’ve got plenty of reputation. Your ideal career is one where you can set your own hours, be creative, and get enough me-time.

Career: Author



There are two sides of your professional demeanour: you’re an empathetic and understanding colleague, but certainly no push over; if you feel like you’re being taken advantage of, you’re sure to snap. You’ve travelled and worked with a diverse range of people, giving you an edge with your street smarts. You give your all to the people with whom you work, as well as your organisation.

Career: Guidance Counsellor


How’d we do? This might not be the most scientific way of determining what career path you should follow, but it could help generate a couple questions to get you thinking about your future!


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Lily Cameron

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