Is Your Nomophobia Damaging Your Career Prospects?


Do you suffer from Nomophobia? Don’t worry you are not alone!

We all know Nomophopia (the ‘fear of being away from a mobile phone’) is real and affecting everyone, especially Millennials.

But you shouldn’t let your Nomophobia ruin your opportunity for employment! You may not realise it, but your general habits (like continuously checking your phone) can affect you scoring an internship, casual position, or your next permanent job.

I have run a few assessment centres where students have left the room to take a phone call, peeked under the desk to check a message, or just blatantly had their phone in their hand checking Facebook.

You may think you’re being sly, but you’re really not, and you won’t be hired if you keep it up!

Unless you have a medical or carer reason to have your phone out, put it away. If there is a reason you need your phone on you, be sure to let the interview or employer know before the session begins. It’s better to be upfront and avoid any misunderstandings, than trying to be sneaky.

Being present and being engaged will help your chances at securing a role. Checking a notification on a video from 2015 about a cat riding a dog like a horse, will not.

Here are some simple tips to curb your Nomophobia and score your next opportunity.

  1. Turn your phone off – crazy, I know, but it will help you in the long run if your phone isn’t on. Not only is there no temptation to check it, but you will also save your battery life.
  2. Turn it to silent – don’t be that guy whose ‘unique’ duck ringtone goes off during the middle of an interview.
  3. Put your phone on airplane mode, and save your data and battery life in one hit!
  4. If you have someone who expects an immediate response, let them know you’re unavailable prior to the interview or meeting.
  5. Put it away: this is the most important tip. Don’t flip your phone over on the table, put it in your pocket or bag. Think of it as a mini vacation for your phone – you never know Siri could thank you for it later.

Just remember that the worse thing that will happen is you’ll have a few texts to reply to, and a full feed to scroll through on the train ride home.

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By Michelle Maarhuis

By Michelle Maarhuis

Marketing Consultant

Michelle Maarhuis creatively drives marketing strategies to connect students and employers with UTS Careers.