How to stand out: interviewing with a law firm

by Aug 26, 2019

When going for an interview with a law firm, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what the recruiter is looking for, and the ways in which you can best present what you could bring to the company.

Over the next few months we’ll be featuring posts from Sally Layson of Speed and Stracey Lawyers, as she offers her own personal insight on how students can stand out during the recruitment process at a law firm – starting with interviews.

Be yourself

When someone is interviewing you, they’re trying to get to know you, to work out if you are the person they want to spend the next year working next to. They’re not trying to trick you!  So show your unique self. The reason they called you in for an interview is that they see potential in you: so show that potential. 

Show your enthusiasm

Be passionate, enthusiastic, positive and proactive.  We know you might be nervous, so we’ll talk to you briefly about the weather or the weekend first, but make sure you know how to answer in more than one sentence the questions asked after that. If you’re not enthusiastic in the interview, we will think you won’t be enthusiastic in the job. 

Know your stuff

Make sure you look the interviewer in the eye and be ready to talk about your studies, the subjects you have done, work experience or whatever.  Make sure you can look at any aspect of your resume and elaborate on it.  If you can’t, don’t include it. 

Remember what you can bring to the table

Don’t brag, but at the same time, know who you are and what you makes unique. Know your strengths and how to talk about them.  If you’re stuck on what your strengths are, ask a trusted friend or family member! 

Work your skills

Show why you would do a good job and how you would fit. Tell the truth. If they asks about skills you do not have – elaborate on similar skills or ways you have adapted.  If you do get the job – make sure you have done some pre-reading about those areas that were your weaknesses and be ready to learn those new skills. 

Ask us questions too!

Show an interest in our work!  We are often quite proud of where we work and we want to tell you about why it’s a good place to work. 


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Sally Layson

Sally Layson

Speed and Stracey Lawyers

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