Crystals for your Career

by Feb 22, 2019

Crystals – what could these shiny, pretty rocks possibly have to do with your career? Before we begin, let me start by saying that although crystals have proved helpful to me throughout my career by helping me remain mindful and focused, it’s a personal preference and should not replace official career advice.

Crystals have been used for thousands of years, and in many different ways. Appliances like watches and radios have been charged by tiny little electrical currents that vibrate out of these marvellous minerals. So, the way I have come to understand crystals, is that if inanimate objects can be stimulated this way – humans (who are also made of atoms and molecules), can be charged with big crystal energy too! Note: I am not a scientist – but this hypothesis seems encouraging to me.

Although there is limited published scientific evidence to support the restorative properties of crystals – perhaps this goes a little beyond hard science.

I always say that building a great career is often the result of hard work, tapping into your purpose, and having faith in the process. This is where I think crystals can serve a strong purpose for sitting in your desk draw. These glistening gems provide a physical reminder of that commitment to trust – trusting in yourself, trusting in the unknown, and trusting in your career journey as a whole. I personally carry and use crystals as a way to help manifest my career intentions, hold myself accountable to goals, and to amplify the positive vibes I want to share in the workplace.

The last thing we need to reiterate before we dive into the list of useful crystals, is that these sparklers should not replace professional career advice and support; but rather, may be a positive addition to your career toolkit. You also have to remember that the effect of these stones is in the eye of the beholder – what you believe, you see.

citrine stoneCitrine

Bright like the sun, Citrine is warm and energizing! When I look at the buttery tones of a Citrine crystal, it immediately evokes a sense of happiness, clarity, and confidence within me. This particular stone was the first to come to mind when brainstorming for this article, as it is often revered for its manifestation abilities.

Use this stone when you are seeking more abundance in your career – this might be anything from a promotion, a new challenge, or simply being open to a more positive mindset!

Sometimes called the ‘merchant’s stone’, Citrine may also be a useful tool for those of you that are playing in the freelance game, and want to call in your business goals and intentions faster.

In short: Think of Citrine crystals as little shiny moneybags of good vibes and prosperity.  

lapis lazuli stoneLapis Lazuli

Something we are big on at UTS Careers is the importance of self-awareness and self-reflection when moving through the career lifecycle. When you are able to get clear on who you are, what you are good at, and what motivates you, you are better able to seek opportunities that help you to thrive.

Lapis Lazuli is the perfect stone to call on when you are moving through a period of self-reflection. It may help you focus on uncovering your inner truths, and support you in expressing yourself more freely and confidently. Hold this stone when you are contemplating your next career move, when you feel doubts popping up, or when you are seeking a confidence boost in your abilities.  

In short: Lapis Lazuli feels like you are taking a sip of a cool, long drink – it is clear and refreshing. Let is wash away your doubts!  

black onyx stoneBlack Onyx

Although the colour black is often associated with superstition (think black cats spreading bad luck) – in the crystal game, take comfort in knowing that black is the exact opposite! Black stones, particularly Onyx are said to possess grounding and protective qualities.

If you find yourself in a work situation that calls for a safeguard (perhaps a pushy co-worker, a frustrated customer, or a level of stress that is through the roof) consider building this stone into your survival pack. In these tricky moments, Black Onyx is attributed with absorbing negative energy and radiating a protective barrier that may help to reduce and soothe you of extra pressure.

In short: Like the calm that comes when the sunsets, think of Onyx as a stone that will bring a stronger sense of work-life balance.

tiger's eye stoneTiger’s Eye

This stunning stone is the perfect reminder that there is not only one-way of looking at things. As the saying goes – ‘nothing changes if nothing changes’, and it is Tiger’s Eye that can help remind us to get out of our comfort zones and look at problems and situations in a fresh, imaginative way.

Whether you are an Architect, Nurse, or Business Analyst – all careers require an element of creativity! We all need to solve problems and find solutions of some sort, and Tiger’s Eye is a useful pal to call upon when you need a little nudge towards a fresh perspective.   

In short: “I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter. Dancing through the fire’. Cause I am a champion, and you’re gonna hear me roar” – Katy Perry.

In short, 2.0: Tiger’s Eye holds your hand as you dive into inspired action!

amethyst stoneAmethyst Cluster

Unlike the other jewels I have explored above, with Amethyst, I specifically want to look at this crystal in its cluster form. A cluster crystal is a collection of smaller gems that have fused together in a group formation. Clusters are believed to amplify the energetic intensity of the stone – and who doesn’t love that tbh?

In its cluster form, Amethyst is said to radiate a sense of community and togetherness – just like the little purple peas in a pod that make up the cluster itself. This sense of harmony is perfect to call upon when working in a team environment.

Whether you pop a little piece of purple in your pocket (try saying that quickly) when you work on a group assignment, or place a cluster of amethyst on the table when you have an important team meeting to attend – this stone may help to reduce any bad vibes and conflict within the squad!

In short: Invite amethyst into your group – she pulls her weight!

Now what?

As I said at the start – this journey is about trust. Trust your gut, because there is no right or wrong way of working with YOUR crystals. 

Most of all – have fun, stay open, and rock on!


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By Sarah Marlor

By Sarah Marlor

Recruitment Advisor

Sarah is a driven HR practitioner with employment experience spanning across talent acquisition, on-boarding, customer service and career advisor roles, so it is fair to say that people are her thing! With a bursting enthusiasm for helping individuals work towards being their best selves, Sarah brings a passionate vibrancy to her current role as a Recruitment Advisor at the University of Technology Sydney.