Can Bluey help you sniff out your transferable skills?

by Jun 5, 2020

Bluey is undoubtedly the best children’s animation from the ABC, period. And look, I know I might not be hitting the target demo on the head here, but I’m pretty sure you all know the show I’m talking about – I mean, with guest starts like Zoe Foster-Blake you must have heard of it.  

While to the untrained eye the show is about a Blue Heeler family where Bluey (6 y.o.) and her little sister Bingo (4 y.o.) use their imagination to create ingenious and practical games centred around everyday life (games which are played on repeat in my house IRL). The show is actually a free parenting guide on how to win at life! And like all good children’s television, you walk away with a new lesson learnt and a greater appreciation for creativity and play.  

Now – and this may shock you – not only are there some great #parentinggoals in this series, there are some great career lessons to be learnt. Read on to discover how the cast of Bluey and their daily shenanigans can highlight some of the top transferable skills and strengths employers look for 

Quickly, before we start let’s define what a transferable skill actually is. 

Transferable skills (also referred to as ‘soft skills’) are:

 ‘the personal skills you develop throughout your life. These can be developed through a number of different experiences including study, work, internships, volunteering, or extracurricular activities (including sports or clubs). The term ‘soft skills’ incorporates a wide variety of skills that dictate how we relate to those around us, how we work, and our outlook on life. These skills can include: time management, organisational skills, emotional intelligence, teamwork, conflict resolution, or being self-motivated.’ (x) 

So how does the cast of Bluey showcase these skills throughout their day-to-day shenanigans? 


Each episode of Bluey is set around an average day in any Aussie household, but Bluey’s imagination and creatively leads her on all wondrous adventures. More than that,she’s clearly got some amazing interpersonal communication skills going as she’s able to get buy in from anyone around her, including her Dad (aka Bandit), to play along with her rules.   

Identified skills: natural leader, can persuade others, and creatively solve problems. 


Being the younger sister to a creative genius must be tough, but Bingo is no active play-stander she wants to get in on the action but sometimes needs a bit of courage to speak up. Using techniques learnt from Mum (aka Chilli), Bingo fights to be a collaborator on games and rules – and often succeeds 

Identified skills: negotiator, collaborator and can persuade others through communication.  

Mum (Chilli) 

Chilli is probably the most overlooked character in the show. I’m not rating the parents here but I’m sure if you asked Bluey and Bingo they would prefer to play with Dad. When it comes to remembering the pool floaties and sunscreen, Mum is on it! She is often the voice of reason and juggles work and home life as the key working parent.     

Skills: reliable, time management, persuasive, key organisational skills, ability to prioritise tasks.   

Dad (Bandit 

The ultimate parent, Dad , is always in on the action (albeit, sometimes reluctantly), and is regularly the centre of the kids games. No matter what the game he will play for hours and on repeat with his children.   

Skills: commitment, efficiency, teamwork, emotional intelligence.  


I guess what I am trying to say is that A) Bluey is a great show, and B) you can find transferable skills and attributes everywhere. Don’t just rely on your past work experience to draw out your skills, look at how you worked in group assignments or your position in your sports team. You’ve likely developed a wealth of skills without even realising it. For more information on transferable skills and how you can use them in your career journey, check out:


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By Michelle Maarhuis

By Michelle Maarhuis

Marketing Consultant

Michelle Maarhuis creatively drives marketing strategies to connect students and employers with UTS Careers.