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by Aug 27, 2021

About two years ago I submitted my first UTS Careers blog post, this fun little quiz.

Whilst this quiz was ahead of its time in October 2019, the science of career quiz forecasting has since come a long way.

So, I have developed an even more accurate and effective test to help you decide on your career path!

Answer as seriously and honestly as possible in order to yield the most truthful result.

1. Which young-adult-novel-turned-film-series have you revisited most recently?
     A. Twilight
     B. The Hunger Games
     C. Divergent
     D. Harry Potter

2. What is your craft/hobby of choice?
     A. Pottery
     B. Crocheting/Knitting
     C. Sewing
     D. Jewellery making

3. Which social media platform takes up most of your screen time?
     A. Instagram
     B. Snapchat
     C. Tik Tok
     D. Twitter

4. Where would you go first (assuming you could)?
     A. Any beach within driving distance
     B. A rural Airbnb for a country escape
     C. Travel overseas
     D. A local pub with friends

5. Which of the below series did you find the most binge-worthy in 2020/21:
     A. Tiger King
     B. Queen’s Gambit
     C. The Haunting of Hill House
     D. Bridgerton

6. Which houseplant are you?
     A. Pothos (Devil’s ivy)
     B. Monstera Deliciosa (Swiss cheese plant)
     C. Pilea peperomioides (Chinese money plant)
     D. Ficus lyrata (Fiddle-leaf fig)

7. The season you look forward to most is:
     A. Summer
     B. Autumn
     C. Winter
     D. Spring

8. Your favourite meal of the day is:
     A. Breakfast
     B. Lunch
     C. Dinner
     D. Dessert

9. Your ideal home is:
     A. A cottage in the woods
     B. A suburban mini-mansion
     C. An apartment in the city
     D. A van I can take anywhere

10. Which childhood career ambition is closest to your current field?
     A. Teacher
     B. Marine biologist
     C. Astronaut
     D. Actor


Mostly A’s: You should be a Lepidopterist! The name may sound scary but don’t worry, a lepidopterist collects and studies butterflies and moths – I hope insects don’t bug you!

Mostly B’s: You should be a librarian! Putting aside your lack of organisational skills and complete disregard for the Dewey Decimal System, this role would be perfect for you! You don’t read? No problem, you’re bound to find the right book in a library!

Mostly C’s: You should be a professional athlete! Don’t have any athletic skill or experience? Well it’s never too late to get started!

Mostly D’s: A sky diving instructor is the job for you! Don’t let your fear of heights hold you back, take the leap!


So, will it be bugs, books, sports or falling from the sky? None of the above? Well, perhaps the science behind this tool still needs some developing…or this query is too complex for a trivial 10 question quiz…

If the quiz didn’t give you your desired result and you’re still stressed about your career options or just looking to chat to peers about your options after university, why not come along to an online Career Coaching session? You can discuss your next steps for exploring career direction, making decisions and developing a networking strategy.

You can also reach out to industry and alumni mentors to get to know more about your industry and potential career paths. Join our Professional Mentoring Platform and get in touch!

UTS Careers also has a number of career direction resources to help you start to research potential careers or areas of interest that align with your skills and attributes. Check them out on the CareerHub resources page and get started on a Career Action Plan!

Happy exploring!

Disclaimer: this quiz has no grounds in science and is just a bit of fun.


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Alyssa Lumley

Alyssa Lumley

Project Officer

Alyssa is the Project Officer at UTS Careers. She is passionate about helping people and always manages to put a fun and friendly spin on admin. Alyssa loves learning and developing new skills and working as part of a vibrant team that helps people to achieve their goals.