5 ways to show your boss you have impressive initiative

by Jan 12, 2022

Do you want your boss to see you as a rising star? Are you interested in doing more and growing within your industry? Then show some initiative. The go-getters of the sector have passion, enthusiasm and drive, ready to tackle significant projects and dig into tasks without question. They don’t care that they start at the bottom of the ladder; they want to rise by working hard and learning about the field. 

Management appreciates these qualities, constantly seeking more players who consistently show up and perform at their best. But what elements reflect these traits? There are many. The following are five ways to reflect initiative in the workplace; embrace them all.


1. Ask for additional challenges

Don’t stop at the minimum. Do more if it’s possible, constantly adding to your resume skills. Look around the office. Is something just waiting to be finished, but people haven’t had a chance? If you’re done, don’t search through online browsers wasting time; take on that additional assignment.

Do you have hidden talents? Maybe you can accomplish something for them and they don’t know. For instance, are you eager to help with the customer base? Offer to write up some sample email marketing letters, showing off a writing skill they may not know you have. Impress with solid work.


2. Encourage feedback

Bosses appreciate staff members who seek regular input. Mistakes happen. You may have misunderstood something or missed an element in a new project. How can you avoid that again? What could you do to make something okay even better? Ask. Questions and feedback remain vital to work growth. After all, if you don’t know where you fall short, you can’t know how to improve.

Remember not to nag about this all of the time and remain professional in your inquiries. Emotional responses such as fear, anxiety and worry come across negatively. Stay upbeat and confident.


3. Remain a team player

You’re trying to grow, but you can’t leave others behind. The workplace is a team effort, and if you plan to move forward, you need others to like and respect you. Focus on building relationships with your co-workers. Seek their assistance and collaborate with them as often. Strive to forge connections with them, encouraging trust and openness. 


4. Reflect confidence and cheer

Two traits prove to be real downers in the office: pessimism and sadness. Does anyone want to work long-term with someone who always sees the flaws and never the positives? Do you think co-workers look forward to grouchiness and complaints? They don’t.

You’re human. You are likely to feel down at times or have something go wrong. It’s okay to express that occasionally; however, there is a problem if you’re always glum.

Look for the good in what people do. Let them know what you like about them or their assignments. In your accomplishments, reflect comfort and ease. Know that you are integral to the group and that what you finish is valuable.


5. Continue learning

Initiative is a sign of someone who sees no limits. That includes continuing education. Where are you lacking? Is there something new and innovative coming out? Enrol in classes online or at uni to bolster your industry knowledge. Learn about new processes or programs that could facilitate what your crew does, bringing back valuable information and techniques. 


Are you looking for a gold star from your boss? You may not get a tangible one, but you could get a lot of respect and appreciation by showing how hard you work. Take the time to stand out by remaining a loyal and dedicated employee who likes to show up and get things done.

In addition, make an effort to stay friendly with others and consistently collaborate with the team. Leaders are not alone. They have a strong group right beside them.


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Mikkie Mills

Mikkie Mills

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