3 Surprising Facts About Graduate Recruitment in Australia

by Mar 8, 2017

Many students put getting into a graduate program as their number one goal upon graduation… and understandably so! Graduate programs allow you to receive training across the many different areas of an organisation. Knowing that there’s a job waiting for you after university can also take some weight off your shoulders!

Despite the benefits of graduate programs, there are a few misconceptions held by students surrounding the actual recruitment process. To set the record straight, UTS:Careers is running Ready, Set, Grad, an event designed specifically to help students navigate the graduate program application process! Final year students will hear from employers and UTS:Careers professionals on how to ace each stage of recruitment.

Graduate Recruitment


To get you thinking about graduate programs, below are 3 facts that may surprise you:

The median number of applications received per employer for the 2017 intake was 1200 applications.

Graduate Recruitment


If you wanted to know how many people you’re competing with… here it is! It can be overwhelming to think about the number of applicants you’re up against. Instead of focusing on this, we suggest that you channel your energy towards researching each company and its recruitment processes. This will ensure that you are presenting yourself as effectively as possible through your own application!

1/3 of companies fill 50% of their graduate vacancies through pre-graduate (internship, vacation) positions.

Graduate Recruitment


Internships provide you with practical work experience. When employers assess each applicant, those with workplace experience are more likely to stand out. Recruitment can be an expensive and lengthy process, and if employers already have access to proficient students within their own internship programs, they will prioritise this cohort. If you’re not yet in a position to apply for graduate programs, you should definitely apply for an internship! You never know where it might take you!

92% of employers used behavioural-based interviews in their recruitment process.

Graduate Recruitment


If you have attended a UTS:Careers workshop before, you’ve probably rolled your eyes when we recommend the STAR approach to answering interview questions. Why are we so passionate about the STAR approach? Because employers look favourably upon this technique when interviewing candidates! Haven’t heard about the STAR approach? Swing by CB01.04.13 for a Drop-In Session or attend an Interview Skills workshop to learn the technique!

If you intend on applying for a graduate program, make sure you read the UTS Graduate Opportunities Guide!

If you’re in the final year of your degree, you can also join the waitlist for Ready, Set, Grad!


*Statistics courtesy of the 2017 AAGE Employer Survey

Featured image courtesy of Pexels.


By Ryan Abednego

By Ryan Abednego

Employability Officer

Ryan Abednego works for UTS Careers as an Employability Officer, coordinating the extracurricular programs run throughout the year. He is particularly passionate about assisting students during their time at university, as they work towards their future ambitions.